So, you still don't have mobile site? What’s your excuse?  With mobile traffic on our clients’ sites ranging anywhere from 10 to 50 percent – with mobile traffic peaking on weekends – you are not reaching as many people as you could without a mobile optimized website.

I can tell you from experience that the time and money spent on designing and launching a mobile site will pay you back in spades. Why?

Mobile search traffic increases each year. Matt Cutts – a distinguished Google engineer and head of their webspam team – has said that mobile traffic is increasing faster than anyone expected.  This means Google is ramping up their efforts to deliver a great experience to mobile searchers.  If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website that loads quickly, you could actually be penalized in the search results. 

The fact that we’re already seeing up to half of our clients traffic coming from mobile sites is proof that your potential clients are going to visit your site from their phone, iPad or other tablet.  Do yourself a favor and take a look at how your site looks and behaves from each of these devices.  Make sure you’re keeping an eye on which devices your target audience uses to view your site.  Each market is different – your practice area or geographic area may draw in more or less than your peer in another area.  Get to know your visitors and make sure you’re delivering a high-quality mobile experience.  Ask yourself: is your mobile website good enough to attract and convert mobile users?

If you don't have a mobile friendly site the answer is most certainly "no." Mobile users do not have the patience to zoom and click around a traditional site. So if your law firm hasn't gotten a mobile website, you could be missing out on a high number of cases.

To get a website that looks as good as it works—on both mobile devices and desktops—work with a web company that knows what they are doing.  Look at examples of their work – heck, look at their own website!  I’ve talked with web development companies who have terrible websites, and they’ve told me “oh, we put all our time into our client sites instead of our own” – such martyrs!  What this really means is that they are not practicing what they preach.  They don’t test trends and ideas on themselves first.  Find a company that lives and breathes web design and you’ll get a site that will “wow” your potential clients!