Webinar: Demystifying Google+

Google's ecosystem is a scary place. Not only do you have to worry about Google Search itself, but in order to succeed you have to play nicely with the ever evolving, ever confusing world of Google+; what we like to call the three-headed monster.
Do you know the difference between Google+ Personal, Google+ Business, and Google+ Local? Do you know the impact that having the wrong information on any one of these three outlets can have on your business? Do you know how to use each to actually secure leads?
We can help un-muddy the waters...
In our webinar Laura, Zach and Danielle taught us not only how to understand, but succeed in Google's social sphere!
In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to get reviews
  • The keys to engaging socially
  • How to make the most of Google+ authorship and publisher markup
  • Whether you need a page for every office
  • If you should combine your local and social pages

Intrigued? Then this webinar is for you!

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