Marketing a New Service or Product the RIGHT Way

Marketing a new service or product is not only a daunting task, it's one we see people struggle with all of the time. It's great that you want to expand your reach and set new goals, so make sure you're not wasting effort; market your service the RIGHT way.

By following our Marketing Must-Dos, also known as the Ten Marketing Commandments (yes, we take this very seriously), you can effectively bring in business rather than standing by, wondering why your phone is not ringing. In the October 2014 FWM Webinar, Tom, Danielle, and Jamie built upon the Ten Marketing Commandments to show you that not only are these commandments essential when starting out, but they should be applied to every facet of your marketing plan, and they should be revisited frequently.

If you follow these rules, your marketing plan will have the necessary steps in place to bring you toward your goals. You will save time, effort, and money, and—ultimately—you will make your life much easier in the long run.

In this month’s webinar we covered:

  • The Ten Marketing Commandments— you can’t do anything effective without these!
  • How NOT to use these commandments
  • How to apply each commandment to marketing a new product or service

You can follow along with the slides here, and if you want a more in-depth look at the Ten Marketing Commandments, check out the September 2014 Webinar recording. Of course, you can always watch previous webinars by going to our webinar archive.