Foster Web Marketing’s Responsiveness and Coaching Help Attorney Kenny Berger Exceed His Marketing Goals

Kenny Berger wishes he had signed on with Foster Web Marketing sooner because the company has his back and delivers excellent value, information, and techniques to help him reach his internet marketing goals.

“Kenny Berger: You know, I wish, in retrospect, that we would have gotten a Foster site right when I first opened. I think I waited about 14 to 16 months. So I’ve been with you guys 3 ½ or 4 years. But the reason that it continues to be just as valuable today, and we are probably more solid as a client—the thought of going somewhere else just hasn’t crossed my mind. Because I would say, more than anything else, I know you’ll have my back. I know you’ve got my back. I know that if something happens, and I need to call you and it is 10 o’clock on a Friday night or a Saturday, that I am going to get you or I am going to get Chad. But I am going to get someone—it is going to be your absolute top priority, and you are not going to stop working on it until everything is back as it should be. And also the continuous coaching and motivation. I love the coaching program. I do the quarterly coaching calls. And every single time Tom, that I think we have got everything just right, there is more information, more techniques that we can implement to take it one notch higher.”

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