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Web Marketing is constantly evolving, and live chat has found a role that’s become integral to your website’s ability to convert leads. That’s where Intaker comes into play, and Joseph Ruotolo joined us to explain how an innovative approach to live chat using A.I. and video in the legal and entrepreneurial world has changed the game. There are plenty of ways to do live chat the wrong way, that’s why Intaker has stepped in to do it right. 

I really enjoyed speaking with Joe and hearing his story and how he got started with Integrator. Listen yourself and see if you become just as inspired as I was.


0:00 Introduction

3:45 Intaker Summarized

11:25 What Makes Intaker Unique

15:47 The Foundation of Intaker

23:14 Taking Risks In Opportunity

27:44 Joe’s Life Philosophy

30:40 The Trust Building Process

34:58 The FWM & Intaker Synergy

39:33 What It All Comes Down To

43:27 Intaker’s Integration With DSS

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