Lawyer Website Design Firm on Successful Marketing Strategy

In this interesting video, Foster Web Marketing CEO Tom Foster talks with legendary Virginia DUI attorney Bob Battle and discusses the details of how Mr. Battle operates his firm and the process he follows to obtains clients. 

Mr. Battle is a true solo practitioner. He does not have any staff in his office, other than him. He is able to do this because he partners with other businesses that specialize in the services he needs for his practice. 

One such long-standing working relationship is with Foster Web Marketing. Tom and Mr. Battle have worked together for some time and have implemented a highly effective marketing strategy known as Direct-Response Marketing. 

One reason that Mr. Battle has been able to have a solo practice and still be so successful is because of his focus on providing information through Direct-Response Marketing. This type of marketing is aimed at getting responses from customers that is immediate. Also, it is beneficial to the potential clients as they are able to obtain the information they need to make a decision about their representation.

Unlike other law firms that may sit by the phone to quickly acquire clientele, Direct-Response Marketing allows Mr. Battle and customers alike a process of deciding to work together. As Tom points out, this approach and process is all about answering the questions that people are asking.

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