Toby Crandall

Toby Crandall is the CTO at Foster Web Marketing, an award-winning agency that provides customized marketing solutions for law firms, medical practices, and service businesses. He has been part of the IT and marketing industries for over 20 years while developing his skills in multiple leadership positions.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Toby Crandall discusses working with Foster Web Marketing during its early stages
  • The importance of establishing security protocols in a business environment
  • Toby explains how to utilize Cloudflare’s products for your business
  • What is an email reputation?
  • The fundamentals of building a secure yet customizable website
  • Toby shares his outlook on prospective technological innovations

In this episode…

As the web has become a more sophisticated place, there has been a rise in malicious cyber attacks. How can you ensure that your business and clients’ data are protected?

For a business to operate successfully, it needs to be insured against possible disasters. One such insurance comes in the form of cybersecurity software that helps businesses thrive in the hostile environment of the internet. The importance of establishing security protocols for your company lies in the assurance of client data protection and the significantly reduced risk of operational integrity breaches. This extra layer of protection is what allows entrepreneurs and companies to focus on what is most important for their business.

In this episode of the World of Marketing Podcast, Tom Foster Jr. is joined by Toby Crandall, CTO at Foster Web Marketing. They discuss some of FWM’s early challenges, why internet and data security are essential elements for business success, and understanding email reputation. Toby shares how to get the most out of security software services and the exciting possibilities in the tech and IT industries.

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