DSS Features for Conversion-Focused Design

The Users’ Group webinar is back this month with a dive into some of our most-used and highest-converting design features. Design is about more than making something pretty; it’s about making sure your right-fit leads become your perfect clients! 

We are seeing great wins from our FWM Coaching and Marketing Services clients who consistently use these design features to improve their user experience and conversion rates. And we want to make sure that all our DSS users understand how to use these features and access their benefits for their own websites!

In this video, Jessica Taveras and Matt Tate discuss features such as: 

  • Conversion-Focused Pages With Custom Panels
  • Leveraging Testimonials as Social Proof With Apps
  • Trust-Building Through Staff Photos      
  • Videos and Where to Show Them
  • Offers Specific to Practice Areas
  • Shorter Forms for Quicker Conversions