Are you prepared to lose up to half of your business? Because if you don't have a mobile site that's exactly what may be happening.

It is estimated that mobile search now accounts for 50 percent of all searches. Because of this,  many businesses now have mobile-friendly versions of their website. If you aren't one of these businesses, your mobile traffic will suffer.

Mobile users don't have the patience it takes to zoom and tap, zoom and tap. They want a clean, mobile-friendly site and if  you don't provide one you will lose clients.

And worse than that, potential clients might not even be able to find you in a mobile search. Google recently announced that businesses with a hard to use mobile site won't rank as high in Google mobile search results. 

The bottom line is that without a mobile site, your rankings will suffer and your conversion rates will plummet.

Are you going to let that happen? For help building and launching a mobile website for your law firm that is as beautiful as it is effective, call 888-886-0939.