In the wild wild west of marketing, the aesthetic of your content is top priority when it comes to conveying your message - and converting prospects. Eric Bakey knows the drill. He started in the army, then worked in construction, only to find himself wanting more out of life. That is when he began to make his imagination realized and start his cartoonist career. He has learned that the industry needs someone like him, who can take what you envision and create something that sells. 

Tune into this episode to learn about Eric Bakey and how

  • You can market yourself with aesthetics
  • You can create a marketing blueprint to guide your business
  • A detailed plan allows for exponential growth
  • Cartoons make an impact


0:00 Intro

1:34 How Eric Became a Cartoonist

5:20 The Cartoonist Industry Explained

9:07 Cartoon Project Development

15:29 The Riches In Niches

20:41 How To Reach Eric