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Nate Amendola’s refreshingly holistic approach is one thing that helps him find true purpose in what he does as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Massachusetts. 

To achieve his outward goals, though, he had to look inward. He found major inspiration in two books—The ONE Thing and 10% Happier—and found resolve in his practice of meditation. Tom had a similar experience with a life-changing book, The Power of Now, and he understands how much one book or one idea at the right time can change your life. 

In this episode, Nate and Tom dive deep into some introspection and talk about what has given them the tools to rise up and succeed. 


0:00 Introduction

3:44 Nate Amendola’s Genesis Story

4:54 The ONE Thing

7:55 The Sober Lifestyle

11:45 The Power of Buddhist Meditation 

18:57 10% Happier

20:41 Tips for Beginning Meditation

24:25 The Power of Now

28:38 Finding Purpose in What You Do

42:11 Why Choose the Sober Path