Another Great Tool from Google: How to Set Up Analytics

You have added educational videos to your lawyer website. You have amazing keywords, and your pages are constantly updated. How do you know if all the time and effort is worth it? You may not see many comments left for you, and the comments that are there are from the same visitors. If you need concrete statistics, try Google Analytics.

What Is It?

Google Analytics is a free and comprehensive analytics package that will show you in detail where your visitors are from, what they use, and what they do on your website.

How to Set It Up

  1. Create a Google account, but DO NOT create a Gmail account. Using Gmail can make some of the tasks within Analytics next to impossible. You will be able to use an existing email address along with your password. Follow the rest of the prompts to add your location, time zone, and other information.

  2. Add site information. Add the URL of the first website you would like to track. Once your account is completely set up, you may then add additional sites.

  3. Accept terms. Accept the terms and conditions for Google Analytics. Google will ask if you want to share your data with them, and this is completely up to you. You may change this at any time.

  4. Add the tracking code. Next, you will be given a block of JavaScript code to copy and paste to your website. Remember to use the "New Tracking Code" for this step. DO NOT use the "Legacy Tracking Code" option. Copy the entire code, and paste it in the source code near the end of each page, which just before the tag. If your lawyer website is using WordPress or another CMS, add the code to the footer file. Make sure your file is saved and uploaded successfully.

  5. Test it. Google Analytics will detect files coming from you. When it does, the status column will change from "Tracking Unknown" to "Waiting for Data" or "Receiving Data"

  6. Wait. After about a week, you may be able to see data trends. After about a month, you should have a good baseline for your future data and be able see what is and isn't working with your lawyer website.


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