Call Tracking for Lawyers: Picking the Right Phone Number

One of the choices that you’ll make when setting up your call tracking system is picking phone numbers to assign to each of your different marketing campaigns. While the numbers themselves aren’t particularly important, choosing either a toll-free number or a local number may affect who calls you, how many people call you, and where your callers are located. 

How should you choose between a toll-free number and a local number for your call tracking? Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Where are my potential clients located? If you are looking for clients from across the nation, a toll-free number may get you more calls from more places. If you’re a small, local law office, you may want to actually avoid having people from outside your area code calling for advice and tying up your phone lines. 
  • Will my callers be concerned about a phone bill? If you believe dialing a long-distance number will deter some of your potential clients, consider a toll-free number. If you think most of your customers will be on a mobile phone or in your area, consider a local number. 
  • Do I want to spend more on a toll-free number? Customers like toll-free numbers because they don’t have to worry about their phone bill, but companies pick up the tab for those expenses. While there are lots of pros to picking a toll-free number, cost isn’t one of them. 
  • Will my callers like seeing a local area code? Many people are looking for local help and don’t like the big-business look of a toll-free number. If you are attracting local residents who are looking for local representation, there may be no reason to go toll free. 

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