There’s no doubt that Internet marketing is the way to go when attracting and converting potential clients. Yet, that doesn’t mean that offline marketing is completely dead. Direct mail, such as letters, postcards and newsletters, still works. In fact, they give you the opportunity to stay in front of your client database so that when they need your services or know someone who does, you are the first person they think of!

Not as many businesses are still doing direct mail, which gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Once you have your database in place, you need to send out timed mail pieces. Make sure you are not just sending any old letter or postcard, though. Your direct mail should be compelling and interesting!

Approach Direct Mail the Right Way

Think about what would interest your perfect clients, and create your direct mail pieces around it. For example, if you think they would be interested in certain community groups or local news, highlight those topics in your newsletters. If you know of particular stores that your perfect clients gravitate to, reach out to those retailers and find out if you can include coupons or offers in your mailers.

Be interesting and engaging with your direct mail. Provide tips, answer common questions and provide free information. Above all else, don’t ignore the powerful impact that direct mail can have on your practice!

Get Personal

When all that arrives in the mail generally consists of bills, advertisements and financial statements, it is refreshing when a “real” letter or card arrives! And we’re not talking about one of those preprinted generic mailing pieces. It is refreshing to actually receive a handwritten note or card from someone you know.

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