Events—be it charity, award ceremonies, or parties—can be incredibly beneficial to both your community and your business. Events can attract the attention of your audience, the media, and they are a great way to show off another side to your organization culture. Make the most of this opportunity by following our event timeline!

Three Weeks Before the Event

  • Begin social media promotion.
  • Write a blog about the event. Set it to post one week in advance of the event.
  • Send a press release to local media outlets and PR Web. Share this on social media.
  • Pitch the story to local news media outlets.
  • Create a landing page on your website.

Two Weeks Before the Event

  • Assign or hire people to take pictures and video. Encourage everyone to take pictures if they want, and to tag appropriately! Tag your business, as well as the event and charity itself.
  • Contact the webmaster for the charity to ask for a link from their website.
  • Finalize how many people from your office will be participating in the event; the coordinator may want this information.

On the Day of the Event

  • Take notes during the event, including quotations from staff members who participated.
  • Take pictures and shoot video.
  • Post pictures and video to social media.
  • Send your notes to your writer for a post-event blog.

Within a Week After the Event

  • Post the blog about the event.
  • Add the charity’s link to your website.
  • Wrap up social media efforts.

A Week After the Event

Look at measurable data:

  • Was any of your content (blog, social media posts, or press release) picked up by other sites?
  • Have any clients, patients or customers mentioned the event?
  • Did the blog, press release or social media postings drive any traffic to your website?
  • Were you featured in any local news stories?
  • Are you filled with a sense of wellbeing and charity?

Debrief your team. Did they enjoy participating in the event? Would they do it again?

Write an email to the event coordinator thanking him for his work making the event a success. If there was interest within your team, ask to participate again the next year.

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