Attorney Website Marketing: The Big Advantages of Organic Link Building

When it comes to attorney link building, there are two main strategies: creating inbound links through paid agreements or other types of partnerships or building links naturally through high quality and unique content. While the latter type of link building – organic link building – can be more difficult to accomplish, it has huge payoffs. Let’s take a closer look at some of its advantages:

  • It’s free. Paying people to link to your site can be expensive and time consuming, and trading links with other websites can take authority away from your website. When you choose to focus on organic inbound links, you are able to put all of your effort (and your marketing dollars) into creating high-quality, original content and a great website.
  • It allows you to avoid questionable link-building strategies. As Google and other search engines refine how they evaluate websites, paid link-building strategies and other types of link-building campaigns are being discouraged. You can work on your organic link building without having to worry that you’ll be punished for your efforts down the road.
  • It gets you traffic from a targeted audience. This is a huge advantage! Organic links are very likely to appear on websites visited by readers who are interested in your services. Those who click on these organic links are more likely to be in your geographic area and more likely to be potential clients.
  • It allows you to get inbound links for more trusted websites. When you pay for links, the links may appear out of context and on websites associated with link-building agreements. When you invest in organic link building, your links are more likely to come from high-quality websites like news sites or educational sites.
  • It helps you establish yourself in your industry and community. Organic link building will get your name out in your area and your specialty – setting you up as an authority and familiarizing everyone with your name.

Why don’t more people choose to focus on organic link building? Honestly, it takes lots of effort and doesn’t happen overnight. However, the law firms who take organic link building seriously get commendable long-term results. Do you want to learn more about how your attorney website can benefit from organic inbound links? Call Foster Web Marketing today and talk to one of our team members at 888.886.0939.

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