Secret Revealed! Ben Glass Explains How He Retained a $1.8 Million Case…

Not every case will be worth $1.8 million or more, but for those that are, you’d better be prepared to retain that client before your competition does. That’s just simple common sense. Sadly, most law firms, big and small, get tripped up during the process of marketing and then retaining a client. There are like 100 steps in that process.

Tom Foster & Ben Glass Internet Marketing Experts

Tom interviews longtime friend and legal marketing guru Ben Glass


In this podcast, hear directly from renowned injury attorney Ben Glass, one of the best marketing lawyers I know (and mentor to yours truly), as he discusses how he systematically retained and eventually won this case (and others just like it!).

(HINT: Ben reveals what he did in detail—so you can use the same strategy to bring in your own million-dollar cases!)

Here's the gist of it: Ben’s client found him online when researching a specific medical issue—a totally organic search based on the condition she had. Actually, it was the husband of the client who did the search. Think about that: Ben didn’t have to go out looking for this case or buy a bunch of stupidly expensive traffic through PPC (pay-per-click); the client retained him because he put the right kind of information on his website that REALLY answered his questions AND connected him to Ben. He downloaded Ben’s book, started getting Ben’s follow-up campaigns, and then…Well, listen to the interview to find out!

Ben’s marketing strategies make the transition from prospective client to client seamless and easy, and he's sharing his secrets with you. When you have the right strategies in place, you don’t have to call and email every day; you have confidenceand proofthat your campaigns are doing the work for you.

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TIP: You can download the podcast and listen to it while driving to work or on your next run! (That’s what I do!)

Pretty cool, huh?

Do you know what this means? It means you could get the cases YOU want simply by putting the right information on your website and having the right follow-up process in place. Sure, it's more complicated and harder than just buying a bunch of PPC keywords, but it works way better. And it's a lot less expensive. 

Just ask yourself these 4 things: 

  1. If you or a family member needed a lawyer and you found your own website online, would you hire you?
  2. Is your website showcasing your experience, authority, and skill?
  3. Do you have the kind of content that will attract the $1.8 million cases, or do you think people should just magically find you?
  4. Do your follow-up sequences and contact forms instill a sense of trust and security, or do you generate leads that never pan out?

If you said NO to any of these or simply don’t know the “right answer,” find out what your website needs with a quick check-up assessment and see if your website is ready to land the “Ben-Glass-sized” cases.

It's a quick and painless process. Just fill out our form while you are listening to the interview and while you are thinking about it.

Look, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Ben manages to have what we all want: freedom, control, and some serious bragging rights. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t need to. Ben has two businesses, is a dad to 9 kids, referees soccer games all weekend, AND manages a full caseload—and he still makes it home in time for dinner with his family. What’s HIS secret?

You should be curious. I sure was. 

What actions are you currently taking to improve your business? Find out what needs to happen to start attracting the best kinds of cases with a website assessment.

There are only so many cases worth $1.8 million, and if you don’t actively work to procure those bigger-and-better cases, your competition will. You can listen to what Ben is doing and take inspiration for your own law firm, or you can keep sitting on the sidelines, watching the other guys succeed. Stop sitting on the sidelines. Register for an assessment today

Dedicated to the TRUTH about marketing,

Tom Foster
Owner, Founder, and Captain of the USS FWM

DISCLAIMER. Ben’s a successful personal injury attorney and he has a passion for helping others (9 kids! Get it?) So years ago he started a little company called Great Legal Marketing, but I wanted to reassure you that his technique works with any kind of practice.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This style of marketing isn't for everyone, and it actually offends most for a variety of reasons, so if it offends you, then by all means, don't torture yourself any longer! Browse on, friend! But for those who want to market themselves differently, more authentically, get more involved in their community, enjoy writing, videos, and are wanting to become experts on the art and strategy of marketing themselves, have focused or niche practices, and are looking for ways to dominate not just for page one rankings, but to get exactly the kind of cases and clients they want ringing their phoneswe might want to work with you. We are always looking for a few more really good and fun law firms to make more successful. 


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