AdWords Clicks, But No Conversions or Results? Our Marketing Team Has Answers & Suggestions.

One of the aspects of pay-per-click advertising that attorneys like best is that you only pay when someone visits your website; that is, if someone sees your ad but doesn’t click on it, you don’t owe anyone your marketing dollars. However, pay-per-click advertising - like ads offered on Google AdWords - is far from a surefire way to get more calls, clients, and cases. In fact, those who are new to the service often get frustrated when they start seeing (and paying for) lots of clicks, but don’t see concrete results in the form of more or better business. 

What could you be doing wrong if you are getting clicks but not conversions? 

  • Your page isn’t relevant enough to the ad. Visitors click on your ad because they are interested in what you are offering. If what you are offering doesn’t match your website, your visitor will certainly leave. Don’t lure visitors with false promises or misdirection. If you advertise accurately, you will have more success. 
  • Your page has poor design. Perhaps you are offering something your visitor wants and needs, but your web design leaves a bad impression, makes your content hard to read, or is simply confusing. Keep your web design up to date, simply, and easy on the eyes. 
  • You have targeted the wrong audience – or you’ve targeted too broad an audience. We find that far too many law offices focus on getting impressions and clicks than on getting calls and clients. Web traffic is great, but it doesn’t directly translate to more people walking through your doors. The more carefully you choose your keywords and plan your strategy, the more luck you’ll have bringing the right people to your site. 
  • You link to your homepage instead of a more relevant page. While linking to your homepage is sometimes appropriate, it is sometimes better to link to a more relevant page on your website, such as a page with a free ebook offer or a library article and call to action. Many visitors will leave immediately if they don’t see what they are looking for right away. 

Using Google AdWords to boost the success of your attorney website often takes some trial and error. However, learning about how to best craft ads and choose keywords – or hiring someone who knows – can lead to even more success. To learn more about effective pay-per-click advertising, call the Foster Web Marketing team today at 888-886-0939

Trent Semler
Senior Marketing Strategist Trent Semler helps clients nationwide with rankings, traffic, and leads.
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