New Report Breaks Down Site Speed for Websites

Some of our clients have been coming to us, concerned about the loading speed of their sites. This is not because their sites are running slowly, but because they have been contacted by a company who claims that their site speed scores are poor. The company will point out the "low" scores that they say the attorney or doctor's site has received, and then we get a call or email from rightly concerned, highly upset clients.

But here's the deal: these companies are not looking out for you from the goodness of their hearts. They are taking advantage of business owners who don't understand site speed. They are hoping that you will react with panic and pay them to "fix" your site. They don't want you to understand what your scores actually mean. In fact, they hope you don't understand the scores at all. They hope that you will agree to pay them a lot of money for a site speed improvement of mere milliseconds. They want to take your money to "improve" your site. But, if your site is being hosted by Foster Web Marketing, they will have little to fix.

An Obsession with Perfection

Our team is obsessed with on-site SEO. We have built a system that produces some of the fastest sites on the market. We pore over site speed results, ensuring that our clients’ sites are built and maintained to be extremely fast. We understand that people expect lightning-quick site speed. If it's taking too long—more than 3 seconds—to load your page, visitors are very likely to click back and leave your site.

The "poor scores" being shown to you by another SEO company should be taken with a grain of salt. There are several dozen categories on a site speed report, each weighted differently. Because of this, site speed scores are very relative. They should only be read and interpreted by a professional who knows exactly what they mean.

Feel free to call our on-site SEO team at 888.886.0939. We can check the speed of your site and give you honest advice about what, if anything, needs to be done to improve the speed of your site.  

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