Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for Plastic Surgeons: Just the Facts, Please

There are countless plastic surgery practices out there that have everything they need to be prosperous and successful. The surgeons are skilled and experienced, and the facilities are state of the art. The only thing that’s missing is the patients.

We are past the point where a plastic surgery practice can simply rely on word of mouth or a discrete ad in the Yellow Pages. In order for a practice to succeed, the operating partners have to accept the realities of how marketing happens in the 21st century.

Why is it so hard to market your plastic surgery practice?

  • You are not the only plastic surgeon in your market. It’s a highly competitive field, and you have to battle for patients just like any other provider of goods or services. Plastic surgeons have to work a lot harder than other types of medical professionals to win their share of the market.
  • Most plastic surgeons don't understand the best way to market their practices. This is perfectly understandable. You didn’t go through medical school, your internship, and your residency to become a marketing professional. But effective marketing is crucial to the survival of any plastic surgery practice, and unfortunately, many plastic surgeons are using the same marketing techniques that were used when they were in med school. It’s not enough to just mention your credentials, or to use models and not real people, or to rely on television ads and billboards. The internet has laid waste to that method of plastic surgery marketing.
  • Potential patients want information about the process. You are providing a service to people who want surgery, and not those who need surgery.  Nobody enters into surgery lightly. The most effective way to market your practice is to answer the questions that keep your ideal patient up at night. Provide rock-solid information first, and then you can discuss your qualifications, experience, and bedside manner.
  • Know the patients that you want. If you are like most plastic surgeons, then you have a specific sort of patient in mind. Most practices are marketing to absolutely everyone in the hopes that the ideal patient will be one of the many who respond. Our method involves going directly after your ideal patient. If that happens to be a mid-30s, athletic mother who wants her pre-baby body back, that’s your marketing target.

Rem Jackson at Top Practices in partnership with Foster Web Marketing uses proven marketing strategies to help plastic surgeons create dynamic, sustainable, profitable practices. Our goal is to help you build your practice by getting the kind of patients that you want to work with.

What more can your website do to build your plastic surgery practice—and your brand?

In addition to dynamite marketing and the right patients, you need a website that reflects your business and is easy for you and your potential patients to use. The proven team at Foster Web Marketing has an impressive track record of building beautiful yet functional websites for medical professionals just like you. How do we do it?

  • Specific Demographic Marketing: Before we construct a single page design or write one word of content, we help you determine exactly who you want to walk through your door. Only then will we tailor your website and marketing message to appeal to that perfect patient.
  • Websites that Convert: Page views and web traffic are important, but that won’t mean much if potential patients aren’t converting to actual patients. Our proven website designs encourages your ideal patient to make the appointment for the initial consultation.
  • A System that Retains Patients: We believe that there is no such thing as a “former patient.” Every patient who walks out the door can either return for more work, or refer friends or loved ones to your practice.  We provide a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module that is integrated with your website, and we’ll work with you to execute follow-up marketing strategies so your practice is the first thing former patients think of when the subject of plastic surgery comes up. 

Your Proven Marketing and Website Development Team

When doctors work with us, they have access to a highly niched, highly successful marketing team—based right here in the United States. Many marketing firms have limited staff or outsource their work overseas. Not us. Both Foster Web Marketing and Top Practices are committed to creating and sustaining “Made in the USA” companies, giving you an unparalleled level of quality and service. We have combined Foster Web Marketing’s best practices for websites—including content, site architecture, and SEO techniques—with Top Practice's Rem Jackson's comprehensive medical practice coaching methodology.

We also have requirements for the types of clients we accept. Not every plastic surgeon will be a good candidate for the type of intensive multi-approach marketing that we advocate. We want our clients to be successful, and being successful means partnering with doctors who are capable of understanding and embracing our way of marketing their practice.

How Can Foster Web Marketing and Top Practices Help You?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work with our team, the sky is the limit in how we can help you. We offer custom websites, content creation, and marketing services to all of our clients, and we work with you to find what works best with your practice. Our packages can include:

All of the work is done in-house and 100% Made in the USA with no outsourcing whatsoever.

Let our team show you exactly what you need to do to finally create the plastic surgery practice of your dreams.

Call 888-886-0939 today, or request your free site analysis.

We’ll analyze your site, tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and explain how we can help optimize your marketing efforts. 

As plastic surgery website marketing professional of 16 years I must say this post is a great read for any medical practice looking to truly succeed online. One thing I'd love to stress to all plastic surgeons who read this post is: be sure to design and build the very best before and after photo gallery possible! No only does it need to be user friendly but it should also be SEO friendly! Don't use flash, don't host all images or cases on one page or url but take the time to build our each case on it's own page with unique meta data. That's my hot tip!
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