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Law Firm SEO With Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing Partner

There’s no denying that the digital landscape breeds stiff competition, particularly for law firm SEO. It’s not enough to “do some blogs” because you’ve been told that content is king, or to compete only via pay-per-click. If you don’t have a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s being actively designed and implemented by a seasoned digital marketing professional, you’re at a disadvantage.

Law Firm SEO for Attorneys Considerations

These Days, “SEO” Is So Much More Than Just SEO for Law Firms

Getting to the first page is great, but it’s only the first of many equally important steps to building your firm’s digital success. At Foster Web Marketing, we know that these days SEO encompasses so much more than simply your site’s organic search rankings.

You need dedicated professionals delivering full-spectrum digital marketing services to assure that your business is represented consistently and accurately online.

Our Team of Attorney SEO Experts and Digital Marketing Strategists Work With You to Provide:

  • Strong organic search rankings derived from up-to-date best practices for content optimization.

  • Consistent local search visibility so your closest customers can connect with you quickly and easily.

  • Reputation management strategies designed to share the voices of your most vocal advocates with the world.

  • Proven, effective white-hat link-building campaigns that give your site the authoritative backbone it needs to thrive.

  • Cost-effective, positive-ROI, multi-channel paid advertising campaigns that leverage every opportunity digital media provides.

  • Email marketing campaigns that will keep your clients informed, and keep your brand at the top of their minds.

If you know that succeeding in today’s digital landscape is much more difficult than simply having a website, and understand the benefits of building long-term visibility through proven SEO best practices for law firms, then we’re interested in working with you.

The Advantages of Partnering With Our Law Firm SEO Team

When you partner with our marketing services team, you gain access to creative and driven attorney SEO pros with over 30 years combined digital marketing experience. Your account executive will work with you to craft a comprehensive strategy designed to meet your specific goals for today, this year, and long-term.

How Do Our Law Firm SEO Strategists Work With You?

We work best with those who are motivated and passionate about building their firm’s long-term success the right way. Whether you need marketing education and guidance or the collaboration of another industry mind, we craft the solution you need.

Our Attorney SEO Experts Will Collaborate With Your Marketing Department

Already have a great marketing team, but want to make sure they’re staying up on cutting-edge developments? Does your marketing director need another marketing pro to bounce ideas off and get questions answered? Some of our most successful relationships are these team efforts. We’ll take the lead and make sure your team is delivering you the results you require.

Our Law Firm SEO Specialists Can Serve in the Absence of a Marketing Department

Not all law firms have a marketing department. If you’re a small firm or solo practitioner, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful! Drive and determination are all that’s needed to work with our SEO team. We’ll take the reins of your marketing and make sure you’re pointed in the right direction for growth, while at the same time providing you the education, guidance, and hands-on training you need to understand what goes into building a successful marketing strategy for your growing firm.

We’re Happy to Consult With You to Provide Expert Guidance

If you’re a hands-on learner, you may be interested in our marketing consulting program. You get direct access to our team for one-on-one training, strategic planning meetings, performance reports, as well as the expert help from our pros if the going gets tough.

We Can Do the Research and Give You a Roadmap to Success

Our Deep-Dive program is designed to give you every advantage you need to top your competition. We’ll prepare and deliver comprehensive documentation outlining precisely where your issues exist and how to fix them.

A Deep Dive is much more than just a brief check of some key performance indicators. When we deliver our findings, you can expect:

Ready to Work With a Law Firm SEO Company That Cares About Your Success?

Beware: There are many companies out there promising medical or legal SEO expertise. All you have to do is search “Attorney SEO company” or “Doctor SEO services” on Google and you will be presented with thousands of results. Keep in mind that while SEO can be just what you need to jumpstart your law firm's online marketing, if done wrong, it can take your website down. You need to be very careful about the medical or legal web marketing company you choose to hire.

To find out more about how we can help you expand your legal practice through search engine optimization, contact us today at 888-886-0939 or fill out our contact form.

Testimonial by a Foster Web Marketing Client

Tom Foster and the Foster Web Marketing Team provide quality web marketing services. Tom's personal, hands-on approach and responsiveness to ever-changing business needs sets an example for the way in which everyone on his team conducts business. I believe Tom Foster and Foster Web Marketing stay at the forefront of web marketing solutions. They put forth contemporary, easily navigable, cutting-edge design. More importantly, their proprietary and robust content management platform allows control to make continual changes to the web without the need to rely on programmers. I am highly satisfied with the service provided by Tom and the Foster Web Marketing Team and recommended his company to others. This team is top-notch!
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Date published: 08/1/2015
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You are the expert when it comes to your business, and we are the partners, guides, and coaches you need to get the ball rolling and maintain momentum. Whether you have an in-house marketing director or just yourself, we can work with you on campaigns, both large and small. Our talented, passionate team can work with you to produce right-fit solutions to search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), video production, content writing, and more. Ready to collaborate? Contact us now.