Socktober 2014: The Results Are In!

The Legend of Socktober— What Is It?

Socktober is a tradition here at Foster Web Marketing. It started about 3 years ago when our Front End Developer, Greg, declared sock war. The idea was to wear fun, colorful, silly socks and rack up points for your team for every cool pair of socks you showed off. This year we took advantage of the “holiday” to give back to our community.

The Foster Web Marketing family divided into two teams, and earned points by donning their coolest socks. The team with the most points won, and the prize was pretty awesome. Initially, the goal was to help the homeless in our community by donating socks, but we felt our contribution would make a bigger impact if the charity was able to spend the money where it is most needed, so we made a monetary donation instead.

Giving Back to Our Community

Team Nerds chose to support Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter in Fairfax, Virginia. The Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter provides temporary shelter for families in the Fairfax area who are in need. The shelter then works with the family to get them into a permanent home as quickly as possible. The help does not stop there, however. The shelter then provides tools, support, and information for the family to end homelessness for good.

Team Geeks supported Artemis House in Arlington, VA. The Artemis House provides shelter, safety, and comfort for children and women who are escaping domestic violence. The residents are able to receive counseling services, community education, children’s programs, and much more.

The Results Are In! And the Winner Is...

Both teams battled fiercely in an effort to support their cause. The Socktober 2014 race was a close one, but we are finally ready to reveal the winners!

Team Nerds pulled through with great enthusiasm, awesome socks, and dedication to their charity of choice! Congratulations, Nerds!  


A donation was made to the Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter, and we could not be happier about the cause it’s supporting. Not to deny another excellent cause, we also made a donation to the Artemis House in an effort to support our community wholeheartedly (we don’t consider it cheating if it’s all in the name of charity!).

How did Socktober Benefit Foster Web Marketing?

Socktober provided an opportunity for fun and comradery among the staff at Foster Web Marketing, and it also provided an awesome excuse to make a positive impact in our community. The teams had a great time getting help from friends, family, and especially clients, and sharing their photos on social media.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Socktober has given us a lot to be grateful for. We are especially thankful for charities like Artemis House and Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter. We encourage you to donate to these charities, or even one in your own community.

We look forward to next Socktober, and hope you’ll help us show off some awesome socks and give back where we can!

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