Once you have decided to fully utilize all the web has to offer for your attorney website by using video, you now have to decide what type to use and what will speak to your clients. Here is a list of video types that can help further your web marketing:


  1. Product Demo. Use this to prove that something works and prove that your practice works by showing a positive outcome from one of your current cases.
  2. Promotional. Promote your free e-books using this method instead of a newsletter.
  3. Training or Educational. Use this type to educate your clients. This not only empowers them, it also builds trust from your clients to you because you are the teacher in this process.
  4. Fun. These videos always have the opportunity to go viral, and your video may end up on Facebook, YouTube, and/or Twitter. If you have the time, or if your practice is more casual, personal, and family-oriented, take the time to show a different side to your attorney practice.
  5. Staff. Allow your clients to not only know your face, but to know the face of your staff. That way, when they walk in that door, they already know who they are meeting.
  6. Podcasts or Video Blogs. Just a fancier, more premium way to present your content versus having your client read your content.
  7. Testimonials. Future clients want to know what your current clients think of you, which is why leaving comments is so important. Having testimonial videos is a perfect way to not only receive this information, but also build trust. The future client is hearing the testimony from the actual person. It is an honest way to get the public's opinion of you out there.


As you read through the types of videos and begin to take the step into this media landscape, make sure you choose the video that best represents your practice. There is no need to do all seven, but perhaps a few of them fit the image you want perceived. Choose wisely, and open up the world of videos to your practice.

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