Why I'm Loving Facebook Graph Search (And You Should, Too)

To say that I’m excited about Facebook Graph Search would be an understatement. I’m practically jumping up on my desk every day at the potential Facebook Graph Search has as a marketing tool. Why? Because Facebook Graph Search can help you as a small business owner compete with the big kids on the block.

With Graph Search, Facebook users will be able to search for music, restaurants and law firms, yes, law firms, based on the activity of their friends on the social network. Once released--Graph Search is currently available only to a limited number of users--Graph Search will offer a unique search experience that will appeal to many.

In fact, though Graph Search hasn't been widely released, there has already been a drop in search engine traffic on other sites. If Google, Yelp and other search and review sites aren't worried, they should be. 

And while you don't need to be worried; you do need to take action. The time is now to get your Facebook page up to snuff. If you don't your competition will; leaving you playing catch-up.

You Can Make Sure That You Are Set Up to Attract That Perfect Client Through Facebook

How do you know if you’re prepared for the rise of Facebook Graph Search? If you haven’t done any of the following, you may already be falling behind:

  • Provide interesting information. Your Facebook page should contain current, useful articles and links. Any information you give should be well written and helpful enough to share. The more shares, likes and comments your posts get, the more likely you are to come up in Facebook search results.
  • Post on a regular basis. It's not enough to add a killer article every week. You need to be tending to your page daily. Yes, daily.
  • No fillers. Prospective clients will not be impressed with fluffy, filler content. Make it compelling and answer the questions on their minds. Remember, you are looking for likes and shares and nobody is going to share boring or sloppily written posts or content.
  • Interact with your audience. If someone comments on your photo or link or posts something on your wall, comment back. Engaging your audience is an excellent way to build trust and increase your search-ability in Graph Search. 

What You Should NOT Depend On

One of the least effective ways to improve your Graph Search power is to get a lot of inorganic likes for your main page, through practices like proposing to donate money to a charity or offering to give away some sort of prize in exchange for likes. Facebook appreciates natural, organic SEO practices and this means closely following the tips listed above.

How We Can Help You Evolve With Facebook Graph Search

At Foster Web Marketing, we know how to attract and keep the attention of your audience. For the latest developments in social media for attorneys, call 888.886.0939. Our lawyer-centric marketing team can help you build a Facebook page any client, would love to call home.  

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