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Austin Foot and Ankle

Dr. Craig Thomajan, the founder and managing partner of Austin Foot and Ankle, has been a Foster Web Marketing client since 2011. Dr. Thomajan played a huge rule in the development of his website. He had particular visions and features that he wanted to create and promote, and in working with him, we were able to bring these things to life. Because he works with patients every day, Dr. Thomajan knows what questions are being asked and what the patient wants—a HUGE benefit when creating a website that is focused on user experience.

Dr. Thomajan came to us through his relationship with Top Practices, our partner company that provides marketing services for physicians. We work closely with the company to ensure the branding, content, and efforts are getting the best possible results. With two marketing companies working together (a critical factor!), Austin Foot and Ankle has been incredibly successful, dominating the highly competitive market in their area.

Site Features

User-Focused Custom Site Design

What we did: We worked with Dr. Thomajan’s vision to create a beautiful website. We customized modules to feature the most useful patient tools right on the website.

Why does it work? The Austin Foot and Ankle website provides all of the tools necessary for a patient or prospective new patient. Not only are users able to book appointments through the patient portal, but they can pay bills, make purchases on the online store, and there is even an interactive foot map that allows users to pinpoint exactly where they are having foot problems. These features drive users to the website as a “one-stop shop” for all of their needs.

The interactive foot map (which Dr. Thomajan innovated) helps users to identify problem areas visually, which can be hugely helpful in trying to identify medical issues. This quick and easy reference gives these users a clear idea of why they need to visit the podiatrist. Once a user has pinpointed the issue, possible causes are provided with links to more information. So not only are users able to select their problem area on the website—a feature unique to Austin Foot and Ankle—but they also drove deeper into the site content. This means more users are spending time on the site, getting the information they didn’t know how to search for. This huge point of frustration for any web marketer was resolved by our execution of Dr. Thomajan’s idea.

Overall, the goal of driving traffic to the website was accomplished through these customized features. By focusing on making this site easy for the audience to navigate and use, we have provided users with everything they need right on the site, keeping them around for longer.

Plenty of Practice Areas

What we did: We worked with Top Practices and Dr. Thomajan to create plenty of optimized, useful content for any number of search queries. We educate the writers on the best SEO practices and stay on top of any search engine updates or changes.

Why does it work? Because podiatrists have people looking up tons of specific things, supporting large amounts of information and content helps to satisfy many search queries. Updating the content regularly increases the site’s page ranking and establishes the practice’s expertise. These are critical factors in generating new patients and prospective patients.

We’d love to take all of the credit for their success, but truthfully Dr. Thomajan does an excellent job applying the best marketing practices. We spend countless time and money staying on top of the most recent search engine updates and best marketing practices, two things that change constantly. We don’t keep this information to ourselves, though—we use it to educate our clients, writers, and even the members of Top Practices. Through this support and education, Dr. Thomajan is able to drive tons of traffic to his site and generate new leads. Not only does the content on the website help to answer many questions, but it provides a great way to segue to a free book offer with more information on the subject. This is an excellent tactic for creating a direct marketing lead; offer the user something you know they need in exchange for contact information.

Focus on video

What we did: We produced high quality, informative videos that are placed strategically throughout the site to lend credibility to the written content. We shot videos of multiple doctors speaking on multiple subjects, as well as bio videos where the team can introduce themselves.

Why does it work? With a highly competitive market in Texas, Austin Foot and Ankle has an advantage by using video. Video is proven to increase conversion and it comes up prominently in search results; additionally, it gives the audience an opportunity to “meet” the team before patients ever come into the office. Trust is a critical factor when deciding on a doctor, and informative videos can have a very powerful and positive impact on credibility.