Podiatry Associates, P.C. Website on all Devices | Customized Website Design For Lawyers And podiatristsWe began working with Dr. Oberholtzer-Classen, or “Dr. O”, and her practice, Podiatry Associates, P.C., in October 2013. Their old website was pretty static, hadn’t been updated in some time, and wasn’t getting the podiatry practice the new patients it should have been.

Like all podiatrists, Dr. O wanted to attract new patients! The challenge with Podiatry Associates was that it was opening a couple of new offices, each located in a different area of town. Therefore its website had to appeal to many different types of patients across a wide swath of the population in Castle Pines and Parker, Colorado.

Not only this, the company was in the process of broadening its orthotics business and wanted to bring attention to both its physical therapy and medical spa services. So it needed a website that functioned for a variety of potential patients and highlighted the many special services each office could provide.

To give the “professional, uncluttered, easy-to-read and -navigate, user-friendly” website that company managers asked for, we designed a clean, inviting site. The navigation is intuitive and makes use of the following features.

Site Features

Prominent Bar Highlights Multiple Services

What we did: An eye-catching horizontal bar on the site features four buttons: Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Medical Spa, and Shoe Center.

Why does it work? The bar works because it highlights the fact that the practice is more than a podiatry clinic. It hits every aspect of the foot care the practice provides in a clear, easily navigable form.

Video Is Front and Center

What we did: Not only does the website have a video on the homepage—this is standard with a Foster-built site), but nearly every page has a professional-grade video.

Why does it work? The videos cover a wide range of topics, including those that are of particular interest to those suffering from foot pain. These FAQ videos explain common ailments and injuries and also walk patients through certain procedures, alleviating some of their fears and demonstrating that the podiatrist has the knowledge and skills needed to fix their feet. And, as we preach constantly, video converts, so the presence of these well-made videos improves website conversion rates.

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