Do keywords in domains need to be separated with hyphens in order for search engines to read them?

The ability of search engines to parse keywords that haven't been separated by hyphens is always a popular topic. However, our research suggests that what's really most important is that your URLs are easy for search engines to crawl. That means using a site map, minimizing dynamic URLs (the ones full of ?, =, and & symbols), avoiding session IDs (such as &id=), and keeping your directory structure fairly shallow. Beyond that, it's always going to be a good idea to have your keywords in your domain name, since people will usually link to you with the keywords found in your domain name. Keywords in the rest of your URL are primarily important because they can make your page appear more relevant to searchers, enticing more people to click on your listing. And, of course, they can also provide a small ranking advantage However, to answer the question - Yes, you need to use hyphens, because currently most search engines are not parsing keywords out of URLs if those keywords are run-together and not separated with hyphens.

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