What can a website content writer do for my attorney website?

Because there are many special tactics unique to writing for the Web, many law firms choose to hire an outside company to handle their attorney website content. If you’ve never considered hiring a website content writer, realize that an experienced writer can create content that: 

  • Informs your reader. A professional writer can produce content that helps answer your potential clients’ questions and addresses common concerns – which is exactly what most users are looking for when they turn to the Web. 
  • Engages with your reader. The best attorney website writing starts a conversation with potential clients and encourages them to comment and ask questions. 
  • Promotes your law firm. A skilled writer will produce content that lets your law firm’s personality shine through and makes you look like the expert to turn to for legal help. Including a well-crafted call to action in your website content also encourages users to reach out and contact you. 
  • Uses the right amount of SEO magic. Good content writers know that SEO tactics need to be incorporated wisely and naturally. Finding the right balance is crucial, and the guidelines change each time Google changes its algorithm – which is a great reason to leave it to the professionals who keep up with every new update. 
  • Is clear and easy to understand. Ultimately, your potential clients need information that is written in language that makes sense and is easy to understand. A great content writer can avoid complicated legal terms and write with a clear intention.  

Creating and maintaining great website content is time consuming, and it’s not unusual to look to the professionals for help. If you need a website content writer, or if you just need help producing better attorney website content, reach out to our experienced online legal marketing team at 1-888-886-0939 or simply fill out our online contact form for more information.  

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