Need a free offer to complete your attorney website design? Here are 7 great ideas!

A free offer on you website is the third element of the magic formula to create conversion-focused content (see below for the magic formula!) But what if you just can't think of a good offer? Here are some ideas for free offers that our clients have done and that WORK.

The magic formula for conversion focused content:
Catchy Headline + Informative Content (that answers the prospects' questions) + Call to Action = Web Contact

Types of FREE offers you should consider

  1. Free book: website visitors LOVE free stuff, and what isn't to love about a free information-packed book? Books run about 9,000 words, and you can offer an electronic (PDF) book or you can mail your contact a printed book. You can write the book yourself, or you can use our book writing service or another vendor's service.
  2. Free report or consumer guide: not sure you can churn out 9,000 words of content? Scale down and call your free offer a "report" or "consumer guide". These run around 4,500 words, and their smaller size makes them easy to read and for you, easy to create. Just like with a book, your report can be electronic or printed.
  3. Free booklet: Not up to writing 4,500 words but want more than a pamphlet? Call it a booklet and concise, easy to read advice. Your clients will appreciate your targeted information.
  4. Free pamphlet: want an even easier free offer? Consider creating one or several pamphlets - they just have to be a page long, or front and back of a page if you're printing them up. Make sure you pick a subject that is so fascinating to your web visitor that they'll want to give you their contact info in order to get the pamphlet. We've seen pamphlets for parents of teen drivers, pamphlets for people to put in their car's glove box in case of an accident, questions to ask an attorney before hiring them, what to ask your workers' comp doctor - any quick information that would be helpful to a potential client.
  5. Free DVD: want to give your potential client a visual tutorial on what they need to know after an accident? Have informative videos that you would like them to see? Consider creating a DVD that you can mail out for free to your website contact. These days people love videos - especially free videos - and for some watching your advice is easier than reading it.
  6. Free CD: How about an audio book clients can listen to while they are driving to work or while they're recovering from an accident? CDs are easy to record and cheap to duplicate.
  7. Insurance holder: how about a little folder or pouch to hold your client's auto insurance information, registration and other car info? They can keep this in their glove box, and it will have your contact info on it if they ever need it.


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