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Attract, Convert, and Retain Your Perfect Clients

Your law firm’s website is the foundation of your marketing strategy, and you already know that the market is competitive.

Foster Web Marketing has been designing and building attorney websites since 1998, and we have guided hundreds of law firms to online marketing success.

We know from experience that the journey starts not just with a website, but with a thoughtful, functional, and personalized website design that is focused on your goals.

We partner with motivated, passionate law firms and attorneys to deliver contemporary website designs that work to attract, convert, and retain their perfect clients.  

Attorney Website Designs That Put You in Control of Your Marketing

As an attorney, you aren’t selling a product. You’re selling yourself. People know you by your name and your brand. Your law firm’s website needs to do more than just look great.

It is the funnel for leads across all your marketing avenues, and it’s the first chance potential clients get to virtually “walk through your door.”

We constantly strive to build websites that provide a great user experience, reflect the unique personality of your firm, and establish your expertise at every turn.

Your website should not only reinforce your brand, it should also harmonize with all your marketing avenues, including social media, email marketing, newsletters, print media, television, and more.

We make sure that your website works seamlessly with current online technology, measures up to design trends, and works on all devices. Foster Web Marketing also gives you access to the tools you need to manage your website, your way.

Your law firm's website should be intuitively usable, open 24 hours a day, and optimized to attract the leads you’re looking for and convert them to clients.

Backed by DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication), our powerful marketing automation software, our law firm website designs put you back in control.

DSS makes it easy to update, track, and manage your website, even as your firm’s needs and goals change.

Responsive Attorney Website Design. User-Friendly Results.

When your perfect clients need an attorney, they are increasingly likely to turn to a smartphone or tablet to find you.

We use the latest technology to make sure that your website is friendly for mobile users and ready to respond to clicks, touches, or taps.

A huge portion of local searches for attorneys now comes from mobile devices, so your website needs to look great and function efficiently, no matter how your audience chooses to get there.

Attorney Website Design Consultations Available

As an attorney, you know how important it is to work with proven experts when you need to reach a goal.

By partnering with our talented marketing coaches and guides, you can build a website that not only stands up to your competitors’ sites but takes your own practice to the next level.

Not convinced?

We encourage you to take advantage of a website design consultation with our talented design team today and see the difference Foster Web Marketing makes. 

Testimonial by a Foster Web Marketing Client

My decision to have a Foster website was based on my desire to work with "the best." It really comes down to how good you want to be. If you seek to live your best life by having the best possible law practice, you need a website that is of equal quality - that is what Foster offers. They are a great team that is as committed to my success as I am. Foster Web Marketing is well worth the investment for those who want to attract quality leads and cases online. My investment in Foster Web Marketing has paid off many times over. They gave me the Ferrari. All I have to do is keep it fueled.
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Date published: 08/11/2015
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Are You Wondering If Your Law Firm Or Medical Practice Website Is Standing Up To The Competition? It's Likely Time For A Website Redesign.

If you're convinced your website is outdated, chances are it is. Help is available, however. Please contact us online or call our office directly at 888.866.0939 to schedule your free website redesign consultation with our experienced marketing team. We have been helping clients throughout the United States and internationally since 1998 and are confident we can help you not only reach, but exceed your goals.

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We’ve been crafting custom websites and strategic marketing plans since Al Gore invented the Internet, we got that part covered; we also know that the only way for our clients to succeed is if we work together as a TEAM to address the following goals:

Attract the right people to your website.
Convert website visitors into leads and ultimately clients, patients, or customers.
Retain the interest of past and future patients, clients, or customers.

Designs should be focused on conversion, not just Google.

An excellent user experience will leave users with a favorable impression of your brand, and how it compares to others. Conversely, a poor user experience—or even just a neutral experience—will leave users with an unfavorable impression of your brand. The best performing websites are the ones that adapt to dynamic Internet marketing methods and stay on the cutting edge. Want to know what kind of UX your website is providing? Find out with a one-on-one design consultation today!

“8 in 10 of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn't display well on their device.” –Adobe
Expertise Best Legal Marketing Award 2022 CoVaBiz Best of Business Winner Ad World Master Webby Award Honoree 2016

Strategic Website Designs Can Make a Huge Impact

It's not just about looking pretty; all the pages in your website need to provide the right kind of information, delivered in an efficient and effective way. Your website needs to build trust, generate qualified leads, answer pressing questions, establish your brand, follow current best Internet practices, and above all, your website needs to generate more profitable cases and clients.

On average, you have about 10 seconds to make an impression before a user will leave your site if nothing hooks him. Good design DOES make a difference. I encourage you to check out how our clients are getting more leads and more conversion as a result of their website redesign.

Hupy and Abraham

Our client, Hupy and Abraham, knows the value of a well-designed website. By upgrading their website routinely, Michael Hupy and Jason Abraham have been able to maintain their status as one of the best-rated firms in the nation. The newest site design has led to drastic improvements in engagement:

1,609% More Leads
76% Higher Conversion Rate
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Is Your Website Working for or Against You?

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