Connecting DSS to YouTube

YouTube isn’t just a place to watch and share videos—it’s the second most popular way to search for information in the country. When you put your videos on YouTube, you can speak directly to a demographic who may never have found you otherwise! Find out more about the benefits of hosting videos on YouTube

DSS youtube connection

How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel in DSS

YouTube search only returns internal results. What that means is that, if your videos aren’t available on YouTube, people will not be able to see them on that platform. With our Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) software, though, getting onto YouTube is a breeze.

If you remember connecting YouTube to a DSS account in the past, then you will be happy to find that the process is actually a lot faster and easier now. Simply follow these six steps and start sharing:

Step 1. Log into DSS, navigate to the YouTube Credential page, and click the button to "Start Authorization Process".

Step 2. From here, you will be prompted to sign in with your Google account.

Google sign in

Step 3. ​Enter the password for the Google account you are connecting with.

Google youtube sign in

Step 4. If the login credentials you just used, has multiple accounts or profiles that it manages, select the specific account you want to use. Make sure that you select your law firm’s or medical practice’s YouTube Channel, not your personal YouTube Channel!

Accounts authorization

Step 5. Once you are signed in, you will be prompted to click the “Allow” button to authorize DSS to connect with and manage your YouTube account.

DSS permissions

Step 6. Choose “Accept” to finish. After accepting, you will be returned to DSS, and the status should look something like this:

Success message

Step 7. Congratulations! For clients who have the new YouTube interface, videos will now automatically be pushed to YouTube when published in DSS. Clients who are still using the older YouTube interface can simply enable the YouTube Publish option for any uploaded video in DSS.

Will You Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes? By default, videos longer than 15 minutes are not allowed to be published for viewing and sharing on an unverified Youtube account. To allow longer videos, you will need to verify your Youtube account following the instructions found on YouTube's help site.

If you don’t want certain videos displayed on your YouTube channel, you can choose to have videos "unlisted" with the new interface. If you are using the old interface and need to remove a video published to YouTube from your channel, you can re­edit the video page in DSS and choose to Recall Video from YouTube, then save using Save Updated Content/Options.

Still having trouble getting your videos to upload to YouTube or DSS? Give us a call at 888-886-0939.