Using the DSS Secure Area to Restrict Access to Your Content

Last Updated: October 2018

The Secure Area is a feature that allows DSS clients to create user access levels for their site content. By creating access levels, you can control who can and cannot view those pages. 

Let’s say, for example, you have 25 clients and you want to share Article A with 15 of them. To do this, you will go to the navigation bar in DSS, click Content, and then click Secure Area.

From here, select “Add Users” from the left sidebar, and create your list of Secure Users with the required details. This is where you’ll determine the access level to grant those 15 clients. 

Setting secure user access level

The Secure Level assigned to a user dictates which pieces of secure content they can access. A user with a Secure Level of 5 (the highest level) can access any secure item assigned to levels 1-5. A Secure Level of 4 can access levels 4-1, and so forth.

So if you grant those 15 clients a Secure Level of 5, you must also assign that security level to Article A. To do this, navigate to content> Articles> Search & Edit> Article A, and scroll down until you see “Document Security Options.”

Setting a secure level on a document

If you choose to create additional Secure Users and Secure Content, keep in mind that these 15 clients will be able to access any of that content because they have the highest Secure Level.

When users land on a Secure Area page, they will be prompted to log in to view the content.

The log in screen for secure users

You can manage your Secure Users in the same area you added new Secure Users. Simply go to the navigation, click Content, then click Secure Area, and from the left sidebar select “Edit Users.”

Edit the secure users access levels
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