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If your competition is stealing your clients or patients...

If you’re frustrated with the amount of business you’re not getting...

If you’re tired of marketing that doesn’t work...

If you feel like you’ve lost control and ownership of your business but don’t know what to do...


It's because you're thinking of marketing as something you do for your business—this is wrongMarketing is your business! And it's time to get it running properly.

Good news is, we are here to help you, step-by-step. Gear up, and get ready to get your business back in shape with our one-of-a-kind Boot Camp Training Program.

For $699 our attendees had a whole day of intense and interactive workshops to learn how to enhance their marketing strategies.

For just $399, you can have the entire Boot Camp on your computer, at your home or office, to watch and re-watch at your convenience.

These videos contain all the secrets to your marketing success, and you can have them forever by ordering your very own compilation download today. We go over a full range of topics that cover the full scope of your marketing endeavors. Specifically, we discuss:

  • Web Design Myths That Need to Die
  • How to Write Case Results That Create An Emotional Response and Drive Action
  • Ancient Writing Tricks to Make Your Content More Persuasive So You Get The Best Cases and Clients
  • How to Steal The Best Cases From Your Competitors Using Guerrilla Warfare
  • How to Make Informed Decisions About Your Business
  • How to Be The Life of The Social Media Party
  • How to Actually Make Money with AdWords
  • How to Manage Your Online Reputation


Only interested in a few key topics? You can order each individual workshop for just $99 each. Scroll below to read more on each of these topics and add selections to your shopping cart. 

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Web Design Myths That Need to Die

There is a lot of lingo and many theories about website design that you read about online or hear from other business owners. You may have heard these phrases bandied about – mobile-first, responsive, flat, UX, UI, usability, parallax – and wondered “What does it all mean?” or “Do I even need to learn about them?” Gretchen Upright will boil it all down for you – what you need to know and what you can forget (or never learn at all). Since 2007, she has worked with hundreds clients on their web design projects. She has seen it all – the good, the bad and the unusable. Learn the answers to:

1. When should you redesign your site?

2. Does content matter?                                                                                                                                                

3. What about mobile?

4. Which page is the most important page on my site?

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How to Write Case Results That Create An Emotional Response and Drive Action

Are you looking for a way to showcase your unique talents and strengths to reel in your “perfect client?” You may be overlooking one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal—your own success stories. Examples of your real-life successes help potential clients understand what you can deliver, and they can be a powerful tool for converting potential clients into actual clients. Join Lindsey Daher, Manager of Content Operations at Foster Web Marketing, as she walks you through the process of converting your stories into compelling, well-constructed case results that will highlight your successes, build trust, and inspire confidence in your business.

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Ancient Writing Tricks to Make Your Content More Persuasive So You Get The Best Cases and Clients

SEO is worthless by itself. Getting visitors to your website is only the first step to turning them into prospective clients. For all the focus on “conversion optimization” these days, the most important aspect of turning visitors into clients often gets neglected: your voice. Get more clients and better cases by applying not a new methodology, but an extremely old one: the art of rhetoric. Learn (or relearn!) from marketing expert, Jamie Kelly, the fundamental principles of persuading others; from the courtroom to your website, content that doesn’t “convert” but CONVINCES is going to be your most potent weapon. Whether your form buttons are orange or red or have rounded corners can come later; if you don’t establish trust and authority with your audience you’ll never earn their business. This interactive course will cover the 3 essential “modes of persuasion” needed to be convincing, and will teach you how to artfully blend logic, character, and emotion to turn your audience into pliable putty not only willing but eager to do what you want. You’ll walk away knowing:

• How to structure your argument coherently

• How to build trust and credibility with your audience

• How to evoke the emotional response you need

“Conversion optimization” may have a very new-school sound to it, but it’s one of the oldest tricks in the books. Applying some of these old tricks to your new content can bring you new business and better work, join us to learn how!

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Steal The Best Cases From Your Competitors Using Guerrilla Warfare

With carefully-executed tactics, you can take on large national firms to battle for the cases your competitors want. Learn where to focus your budget to capitalize on strategies that other firms often overlook. Competition may be fierce and costs may seem daunting for those unable to budget thousands of dollars on the generic commercials that infiltrate daytime television. But fear not, we’ve helped smaller firms compete with more-established firms with the right focus. Don’t launch a campaign for a hot case without fully crafting a smart strategy using these guerrilla warfare tactics. Join Elizabeth Winters to learn how!

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How to Be The Life of The Social Media Party

Bad social media is like that socially-awkward guy at a party—he’s making the effort, but it can be a bit cringe-worthy. Don’t be that guy. Join Molly McCormick to learn the social skills that aren’t taught in law school. Are you trying to force the conversation? You CAN get people to talk about your business, but like a real conversation, it takes some tact. You can’t walk up to a group of people at a party and demand they listen to information about car accidents, so don’t try to do this on social media. Learn how to get people talking organically. Are you discussing the right topics on the right platforms? If Facebook is the fun cocktail party, Twitter is the GLM summit networking hour. There are appropriate topics of conversation for different kinds of parties, and it’s important to know which is which, and how to engage party-goers. Learn which kind of content works best on different platforms. Are you talking to the right people? Social media offers an incredible (and totally unique) way to target EXACTLY the right people—I’m talking scary accurate targeting. Learn how to use this to your advantage! There is literally no other marketing platform that allows you to narrow down to your ideal audience like social media. There is an art to great social media, and Molly will help you master it to generate the kind of business you want.

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How to Make Informed Decisions About My Business

Are you tired of wasting your money and time trying to analyze your marketing efforts? Not sure which of your marketing campaigns are working, and which are failing? Want to know where to spend your marketing budget for the upcoming year? Join Zach Stone, one of our senior Web Marketing Strategists, as he discusses how to Get Your Marketing Back on Track with 4 Google Analytics Tricks that Save You Time, Money & Effort. He will help you streamline your efforts in this extremely powerful marketing tool with these 4 Google Analytics tricks:

1. Learn how to set up “Custom Dashboards” that will help you quickly see the metrics that matter the most to you.

2. Find out how to set up the most useful “Goals” that will help you track where and how your leads converted on your website.

3. Discover how to create “Custom Segments” that will help you dig into Google Analytics even deeper, and find underlying trends that wouldn’t be possible to see otherwise.

4. Master “Events” to learn about specific actions your potential clients are making on your website. Events will help you better track your chat conversions, and tell you what webpages are being read entirely through on your website.

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, but without the right guidance you can quickly fall victim to its endless capabilities, and waste hours daily trying to look for information that can be quickly and easily found by the experts. Zach Stone is all about streamlining processes and has a knack for quickly analyzing information. He will help you save precious time, money and effort during this awesome Google Analytics tutorial, so you can get more done in the fastest time possible.

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How to Actually Make Money with AdWords

Have you tried AdWords before? Did it work? After the stories we’ve heard from clients and the lack of results we’ve seen many people experience with AdWords and pay-per-click services (whether managing it in-house or through a 3rd party), we’ve decided it’s time to set the record straight.

Our SEO Manager, Laura Johnson, and her team have had a lot of success managing AdWords campaigns for their clients. Join Laura as she shares what they've learned to consistently bring in qualified leads and new cases. Laura will walk you through all aspects of setting up a PPC campaign in AdWords while providing insight and tips along the way to help you keep your goals and budget in check.

PPC can be a genuine asset to a well-rounded marketing arsenal and doesn’t require an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to your marketing budget. We’re going to teach you the “right” way to approach AdWords that will allow you to get back what you put in – and more.

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Reputation Management

Do you know what people are saying about you? Are you checking your company’s online presence? Finding and addressing negative reviews and comments can be a challenge. Join Connie Gray as she shares four tools that help you monitor what people are saying about your company, products and staff and how you can impact them.





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