Last Updated: December 2018

Tags can be used to sort contacts into specific lists, so you can send the most relevant information to the right people. Adding tags to forms and campaigns will help to automate the process, and allow users to self-select into the appropriate marketing groups.

To begin, click the top dropdown navigation bar under Campaigns and Emails to manage your existing tags. You can see a list of tags and the number of contacts who have that tag in their contact record. You also have the ability to create tags within individual contact records manually.

Selecting the manage tags link in the DSS navigation bar. | Email Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

Tagging Contacts

Contacts in DSS can be given a tag manually, or the process can be automated by adding a tag to a form (explained below). To manually add tags, search for the contact record under Contacts>Search & Edit, then select from a list of available tags in the “Assign Tag” dropdown menu, or create a new tag in the “Add Tag” field. 

Using the dropdown option to add a tag to a contact record in DSS.

Important Note: If the tag is assigned to a campaign with a drip email sequence, the contact will begin to receive the emails from that campaign.

To tag multiple contacts, go to Contacts>Search & Edit, click the checkbox next to the contacts you want to tag, select the “Actions,” dropdown from the top right of your screen, and select “Un/Assign.” You will be taken to a screen with a list of tags; from here simply click the appropriate “Assign” or “Unassign” checkboxes for the selected contact records and hit “Save.”

Adding tags to multiple contact records in DSS.Selecting tags to assign or unassign to multiple contact records.

Tagging Forms

Forms can be assigned a tag that will automatically tag all contacts who complete that form. This makes it easy to send leads only the information that is relevant to them. For example, if a user fills out a form for more information on car accident cases, you can add a tag to send them information about car accidents, rather than emails about your other practice areas. More targeted marketing leads to better results!

Adding tags to a form in DSS.

Tagging Campaigns

Campaigns can be assigned a tag. Assigning a tag to a campaign will send the email drip sequence to any contact record who shares the same tag. Those contacts get tagged either by filling out a form on the website or by manually tagging a contact. Be mindful that any contact record with a tag assigned to a campaign will start receiving that campaign, so it’s a good idea to use campaign-specific tags, rather than general tags.

Adding tags and emails to a campaign sequence.

You can learn more about using tags to send emails to specific groups, and how to include or exclude groups from email communications here.

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