Bulk Delete

Great news! If you’re performing a content audit on your site, you can now select multiple pieces of content and delete them all at once. Gone are the days of manually going through the process for each item. We strongly recommend using this feature with a plan in mind and redirecting deleted pages to an appropriate place on your site! For example:

  • Getting rid of old content: Multiple outdated motorcycle accident content pieces could be deleted in bulk and redirected to a single motorcycle accident practice area page

  • Trimming fat: Deleting multiple redundant or extraneous content pieces within a specific practice area

 Client Memo

Here’s another seriously handy tool for all you marketing managers out there: Did you know you can track your email communications and attachments in DSS? Client memos can be used to track customer journeys and access shared documents all in one place. All you need to do is include [yourdomain]@clientmemo.com (in the “To” or “CC” fields—not “BCC”) in your email correspondence. The email content—including attachments—will be added to the DSS contact record of the recipient. Essentially, the process would be as follows:

screenshot of new client memo feature | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists


‘Thank You’ Email Metrics

You know those emails that show up in a lead’s inbox after they sign up for an offer or newsletter on your site? Now, you will have access to the metrics for these ‘Thank You’ emails! DSS users will be able to see the date and number of thank you emails sent, as well as open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and bounces. 


screenshot of new thank you emails feature | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

Update Email Metrics Export

Do more with your firm’s data by exporting additional contact record information based on individual metrics. Previously, only the “Sent” list could be exported, but now you can export lists from the email dashboard such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces. 

screenshot of new click tracking feature | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

YouTube Updates

You asked, and we listened! We’ve made some simple but crucial enhancements to the YouTube enabled interface: 

  • Previously, the meta description on video pages was used as a video description on YouTube. However, that left you with limited characters and did not account for YouTube optimization best practices. We’ve now added the ability to create a unique YouTube video description right from DSS, so you are no longer limited to the meta description and don’t need to toggle between the systems to optimize for both websites!

screenshot of video description feature | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

  • You can also see all the pages your YouTube-hosted videos are assigned to on your website.

screenshot of video assignment feature | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

  • And finally, we adjusted the way video page updates work. Some of you (very wisely) wanted to optimize video pages specifically for your website and optimize videos specifically for your YouTube channel. You will now get an alert in DSS that allows you to choose whether updates made to your website video pages should also be pushed to YouTube. 

Tags and Attributes

Tags are great for organizing contacts in your mailing list into selective, addressable groups, but trying to use them as group identifiers can get messy. Thankfully, the new Attributes feature works just like Tags, allowing you to sort contacts into categories or groups based on your needs without overwhelming your list of Tags. It’s important to note that Attributes are essentially just for your organization’s own internal convenience/sorting/etc. and won’t be used to exclude/include groups of contacts—this will still be accomplished through Tags!

Here’s an example of how the Attributes feature might be utilized:

  • You have a group of contacts that you want to email, but only those in Phoenix. To do this, you would add the Phoenix attribute to those contacts, filter by this attribute, and then add a Tag to that attribute group

Email and Campaign Exclusions and Updates

We’ve now created the ability to exclude specific tags from your campaign. You can also add or remove tags or attributes throughout the campaign sequence and even skip specific sequences for an individual contact! Here are a few ways you might use these new features:

  1. You have a follow-up campaign for contacts who downloaded a report on your website, but once that contact becomes a client, they should no longer receive those emails. 

    • Simply exclude the “Client” tag from the email campaign, and when a contact becomes a client, be sure to add that tag to their record. 

  2. You’d like to start a second email campaign as your first one ends. 

    • As the last action in the first campaign sequence, add the tag for “Campaign two,” and the contact will be added to the second campaign.

  3. You have a campaign running, but you want to skip just one sequence for a particular contact—maybe it’s an email that isn’t relevant to this person or an attribute that isn’t quite right. 

    • In the contact record under “Campaigns,” you can edit the sequence under the actions icons and simply toggle the appropriate status to “Inactive.”

screenshot of new campaign setting feature | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists


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