Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsThe Foster Web Marketing Boot Camp has a huge success each year, primarily due to everyone's participation and their eagerness to learn. In the past we've covered the basics—like a step-by-step guide to Local SEO—to the in-depth, like using the data provided by Google Analytics. We always have a great time and lots of positive energy, but we also feel it's important to gather anonymous feedback to get a real grasp on what our attendees thought of their time at the Boot Camp. It would be an understatement to say that we, as well as the attendees, were incredibly pleased with the whole experience! Read about what they had to say:

"The staff was approachable and able to answer any and all questions. It was a comfortable environment, everyone was helpful, and provided me with all of the tools and information I needed regarding the navigation of DSS and social media."

"I was interested the whole time. There wasn't a moment that I didn't want to listen. You really provided excellent information."

"I liked how you broke down each feature of a complete marketing strategy and showed us how to manage it all ourselves."

"I liked going over in detail each section of DSS and LOVED being able to print out the presentations after the boot camp."

"Seeing how to use the different features—which I hadn't really played around with yet."

"Covered a lot of good stuff. Good overview."

"I liked the hands-on experience in the classroom experience."

"We were told this would be a 'boot camp,' and that was no joke. I enjoyed the wealth of information, and the free-flowing format that allowed free-flowing ideas and questions between speakers and participants."

"There's a lot to do and I need a strategy to address each area one by one. You guys are the best of the best. So grateful to be a part of this!"

The attendees rated the Boot Camp with an overall score of 70% "fantastic." Eighty percent of our guests thought the DSS Review was "excellent," and 70% said they were "very likely" to recommend Foster Web Marketing to a friend or colleague.

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