Uploading and Managing Videos in DSS

To upload a video to DSS & YouTube, first navigate to “Videos” within the Content section of your DSS navigation.

Accessing the video section of DSS

In the left sidebar, you will see all of your options for Videos:

Select Upload Video Files which will take you to a page with fields for Title, Meta Description, “Tags” Assigned To This Post, and This Video’s Privacy Status On YouTube Channel.

These sections must be filled out before you can upload a video file, and by default your video’s privacy status will be “unlisted,” so be sure to update this if you want your video publicly listed. Once you have filled out this information you’ll be able to upload your video file. See this article for a list of supported video file formats. Once your video is uploaded, YouTube will encode the video and you will have the option to assign it to other pages on your site, or you can make a new webpage dedicated to the video. You can do this by clicking “make a new webpage” on the success page (below), or you can go to Search & Edit in the left sidebar of the Video section.

build a webpage in DSS for your video

You’ll see your video, with the option to assign a new thumbnail, and the Title, Meta, and Tags autopopulated with the information you filled out on the upload page. You can just edit the YouTube video here, or you can click the blue box that says “Build Video Page on Website” to add content to a video page. On this page you’ll notice the standard content fields for your Author, Headline, and body content. Once you've filled out the appropriate fields, hit "Save," and your video page will now be live on the site!

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