Are You The Creative and Enthusiastic Web Project Manager We Are Looking For?

Foster Web Marketing, located in downtown Fairfax, is searching for the perfect Project Manager to help plan, organize and launch our websites. You’ll be responsible for providing our attorney and doctor clients top-notch service as they work with you on their website projects.

If you’re looking for an “easy” job, please stop reading, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU...

We highly value our clients and our employees and treat them like family. Each interaction is a chance to shine, and we expect you to shine brightly both to the clients and to your co-workers that are working on the projects with you. So, we are looking for someone special; not someone who is just looking to check “to-dos” off their list.

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, please do not apply:

  • Do you love helping people and making them happy?
  • Are you patient, kind, empathetic, and authentic?
  • Are you looking to work in an environment that promotes creativity and encourages you to think outside of the box?
  • Do you work and play well with others?
  • Have you been described as outgoing, or even bubbly?
  • Do you embrace—even enjoy—change?
  • Are you interested in learning more about SEO and web/online marketing?
  • Are you local to our Fairfax, VA office?

If selected, you will be on the front lines of our company and in many cases, you will be the face and voice clients think of when they think of Foster Web Marketing.

Using the Foster Web Marketing Process, the Project Manager Job Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of client requirements to determine the best layout and design of website and marketing services as required by the contract.
  • Manage ongoing communications with client and internal Foster team members to ensure the progression of the project and on time delivery.
  • Assign tasks and coordinate with internal team members (writing, design, development, loading)
  • Coordinate and schedule video shoot (if contracted for videos), and coordinate with video studio on video design, raw files, and final edited videos, as necessary.
  • Notify finance department of imminent launch and follow up to ensure payment received prior to launch.
  • Partner with Sales and/or Service departments to transition client upon launch.
  • Complete post-launch procedures, including checking the site to ensure all pages working properly.
  • Compile a weekly status report and deliver to management.  Review report as requested.

Do you feel that this Mission Critical Position is for YOU?

  • This role requires excellent communication skills via email, phone, and in-house project management systems. You will be the liaison between our clients and the rest of the company.
  • This role also requires you to be a creative thinker. Clients may not know about all of the available options, and you'll need to provide those options to them! (Don't worry: you will be trained on available products and services.)
  • Attention to detail and a strong desire to go above and beyond is a must.
  • Reliability. Client and coworker relationships are built on trust; being reliable builds on that trust.

About Us:

We want people who will fit nicely into our culture. We have a fun and exciting work atmosphere with excellent benefits, including health insurance and a fully stocked kitchen.

We’ve also received some great recognition recently:

Still reading? Good for you, shows you have an attention span.

Include the following in your cover letter:

  • Describe a situation in which you dealt with a difficult person and helped them to feel better—even if you were unable to solve their problem.
  • Tell us what superpower you would like to have and why you would like to have it.
  • Explain whether you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek—be specific and why you feel that way.
  • Explain why you feel this job is for you.

Then follow the instructions below to be considered:

  1. Send your resume and cover letter (which should answer all of the questions above) to [email protected].
  2. Do not call our office regarding this job ad.
  3. Do not send an email to the owner or anyone else except [email protected].
  4. Do exactly what we asked you to do in order to be considered.

Compensation is based on experience.