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Doing all the marketing for your law firm isn’t always a feasible option. Whether you’re constantly too busy or just feel a little too “technologically cursed” to play with fire, you know you’re probably not getting the clients, leads, and referrals you could be getting. 

Sometimes, it’s a matter of your success getting in the way of your marketing. Sometimes, it’s a matter of your marketing getting in the way of your success. Either way, the answer is to call in marketing experts who can do it for you—and do it well

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I would tell any lawyer that FWM is the real deal. They are committed to my success, and I am very appreciative and grateful for their partnership.

– John Griffith, GriffithLaw

Customized. Engaged. Invested in Your Success. 

Hiring a marketing partner for your law firm is a big decision. You want to put those crucial tasks in the hands of someone you can trust, and you want it to be a good experience that benefits your business for the long haul. 

You don’t want to work with a company that disappears after your website is launched. 

You don’t want a bunch of expensive PPC tricks and short-sighted wins. 

You don’t want to jump through hoops to make changes to your website or launch a new campaign. 

You don’t want to get shoe-horned into a cookie-cutter marketing plan that’s supposed to be “one size fits all.”

You don’t want to work with people who give you the runaround about their methods or can’t explain how they plan to accomplish your goals. 

Instead, you want to work with people you like to build a sustainable strategy for the long-term success of your unique business, and you want it to produce results that you can measure.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask—and we agree.  

My decision to have a Foster website was based on my desire to work with "the best." It really comes down to how good you want to be. If you seek to live your best life by having the best possible law practice, you need a website that is of equal quality—that is what Foster offers. 

They are a great team that is as committed to my success as I am. Foster Web Marketing is well worth the investment for those who want to attract quality leads and cases online. My investment in Foster Web Marketing has paid off many times over. They gave me the Ferrari. All I have to do is keep it fueled.

– Kenny Berger, Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger, LLC

Sustainable, No-Stress Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing Growth

Forget all the tricks, traps, and scams that try to promise you big wins overnight. Stop working with marketing partners that want you to shut you down, shut you up, or shut you out. Instead, make the move to free yourself and take real control of your marketing with an expert team that actively wants to see you succeed, over and over again.

We will create and work through a marketing growth plan that is designed to build upon each piece that is put into place, starting with an expertly designed, conversion-focused website.

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From there, we flesh out your strategy with done-for-your marketing services, like content writing, SEO, email outreach, local listing management, and more. You know what we’re doing and why, and you see the results in regular calls with our team.

Everything we do is backed by our powerful, intuitive Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) marketing software, which has been designed and developed to specifically support the marketing needs of law firms. Want to review your performance or add a personal touch? With DSS, you and your team can do it—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tired of getting jerked around by web marketing companies that don’t understand your business?

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People don’t want to work with companies; they want to work with people. That's why we don’t hire people solely based on their experience. Instead, we look at their personality, drive, and passion for being a positive influence on the world around them. All of our team members go through a rigorous hiring process before we bring them on board, and everyone we hire is located right here in the USA.

While working with Foster Web Marketing, you will meet some of the most fun, interesting, and passionate people in the industry—and we’re all here to make you successful!

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Thank you for such a great long-term relationship and the corresponding success in our partnership. I wouldn't be the lawyer I am today without the help and support of the Foster team!

– Bill Voss, The Voss Law Firm