Your website is a powerful tool, and the content you create for it is a big part of what makes it so powerful. All the blogs, FAQs, and articles on your website draw potential clients to you and show Google that your website is worth ranking highly in search results. 

That content also does a lot of heavy lifting for law firms and medical practices that want to:Content Audit Image

  • Establish expertise and authority in targeted areas
  • Create instant connections with high-quality leads
  • Build stronger visitor-to-client pathways 
  • Convince “fence-sitter” clients that you’re the right choice for their needs 
  • Dominate through organic content marketing 
  • Reduce reliance on expensive advertising

However, your website content can lose its power over time. Facts become outdated. Your brand messaging changes. Google’s algorithm changes, and best practices shift to fit the times. 

If it’s been a few years since you last checked up on your website’s content, chances are that it’s already affecting your ability to attract leads and maintain your online visibility. 

So, make it easy on yourself and your team by refreshing your website with a comprehensive website content audit. It’s the newest offering from Foster Web Marketing, and it’s a service that can really make a difference in your success online. 

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How Does a Website Content Audit Keep Me Ahead of My Competitors?

The main goals of a website content audit are to improve your written content, maintain a consistent standard of quality, and increase your ability to attract and convert clients.

During a content audit, our experts assess each page of your existing website content, identify areas that need improvement, make needed changes, and help you develop an ongoing strategy for creating effective and engaging content. 

As we audit your website content, we’ll solve common problems, like: 

  • Spelling and grammatical errors 
  • “Thin” content and duplicate pages
  • Ineffective or outdated formatting
  • Outdated or irrelevant content
  • Keyword misuse
  • Broken links and missing images
  • Other content issues that have a strong impact on your search engine rankings and lead generation 

We’ll also go the extra mile to optimize each piece of content with personalized calls to action and authority signals that help you convert potential clients after they’ve landed on your page. 

Once we’ve completed your audit, every page of content on your website will be current, cohesive, and ready to work harder for you. You’ll be able to highlight your strongest content and develop a better strategy to fill any gaps. And, ultimately, your content audit will put you in the best position to beat your competition with all the benefits below.      

Improve Your User Experience and SEO

Google’s ranking algorithm has put increased weight on the quality of your website content in the last few years, and lots of law firms and medical practices have struggled to keep up. A website content audit ensures that all the content on your website meets or exceeds Google’s standards for high-quality content. And it’s not just for search engines—a content audit also improves the user experience on your website and helps connect visitors with your best information and guidance.

Ensure Accuracy and Avoid Misinformation

It can be tough to get good information online, especially when you’re searching for medical and legal information. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that inaccurate or outdated information on a website can be detrimental to a lawyer or podiatrist's reputation and credibility. Regularly auditing your website content keeps everything current, accurate, and compliant with any legal or regulatory changes.

Identify Gaps and Opportunities

A content audit doesn’t just improve your existing content. It also identifies gaps in your content strategy and areas of opportunity. We look at your website data and user behavior to identify your most-needed updates and determine where you’ll get the most juice for the squeeze. While we improve your existing pages, you’ll get valuable insights that can inform and strengthen your content strategy as you move forward. 

Enhance Your Branding, Authority, and Messaging

We’ll review your content with language, personality, brand, and overall tone in mind. You’ll be able to rest assured that your current branding is consistently represented across all your content and that your messaging is clear, compelling, and aligned with your goals.

Ready to Make Your Website More Powerful With a Comprehensive Content Audit?

Regularly auditing your website content keeps you up to date with industry trends, competitor activities, and changes in consumer behavior. By continually optimizing and improving your website content, you can maintain a competitive edge and attract more of the clients that are right for you. 

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