The new DSS Reputation Management tool is an add-on feature for Foster Web Marketing clients, allowing companies to monitor their online reputations. This tool provides you with an up-to-date snapshot of your online reputation and a way to read, respond to, and publish reviews—all in one place.

The new DSS Reputation Management tool is an additional $50 per month for your first office and $25 per month for each additional office.

Asking for feedback doesn't just increase the number of reviews you get; it's good customer service. It shows that you value your clients’ opinions and that you care about their satisfaction. Here are the numbers you need to know:

  • 83% of people check lawyer reviews as the first step to finding an attorney.
  • 70% of clients are willing to go to an attorney in an inconvenient location if that attorney has better reviews and higher ratings than legal professionals who are closer to home.
  • 38% agree that a professional’s overall rating is important information when looking for legal services. 

Making the first move in the review acquisition process can be nerve-racking. You don't want to appear greedy or pushy, but you do want clients to review your law firm. What's a business owner to do? Use our DSS Reputation Management tool to develop a consistent review generation process that will help improve your online presence and get you the clients that you want.

Using the DSS Reputation Management Tool

Here is an example of the information available under the “Reviews” tab. Notice that there are five areas highlighted with letters A through E

DSS Reputation Management Tool Screenshot | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

A. The “Average Rating” section gives the average rating of your business across all of the review sites the Reputation Management tool is tracking, with benchmarks for your business’ industry.

B. The “Total Reviews” section gives the total number of reviews found compared to the industry average.

C. This section gives the distribution of reviews by stars for all of your reviews.

D. The “Top Keywords” section displays a keyword cloud based on your reviews. The bigger the word, the more often people are using it in their reviews of your business. If the keyword is green, it is associated with positive reviews; if it is red, that topic is brought up often in negative reviews. You can use the cloud to find trends and make improvements.

E. The Review Section, designated by the Review Section Icon | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists icon, allows you to review, respond, and publish your reviews. For reviews left on Google and your feedback generation page, you can respond to them directly from the tool. If the review is on Yelp or another site and you click “Responded,” you are sent to that website to respond to the reviewer. You can mark reviews as responded to, or you can share them on social media by clicking the down arrow next to each response, as shown in the following example:

Respond to REviews | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

If you want to learn more about the new DSS Reputation Management tool, fill out the form below for a free demonstration.

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