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The NEW DSS SEO Tool is the next step to achieving our goal of making DSS the #1 marketing automation solution in the industry and gets our clients the best website marketing results possible...more of the clients and cases you actually want!

DSS SEO Tool Features DSS SEO Starter DSS SEO Professional DSS SEO Expert
Tracked Keywords 20 100 300
Tracked Search Engines 3 3 5
Keyword Rankings Scanned Bi-Weekly Weekly Weekly
Website Pages Scanned (monthly) 3,000 10,000 50,000
Competitors Tracked 3 5 6
Backlinks Scanned (monthly) 1,000 5,000 20,000
Automated Website Health Report Monthly Weekly Weekly
With FWM Website (monthly) FREE





No FWM Website (monthly) $100






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What Can the New DSS SEO Tool Do for You?

  • Track keyword rankings in your target locations for you and your competitors
  • Keyword research tool to discover what keyword phrases you should target
  • Track number and quality of backlinks for you and your competitors
  • Backlink Spy to discover what backlinks your competitors have that you don’t
  • Track Google Algorithm updates to correlate whether your site was affected
  • Scan for broken links to internal and external URLs to keep your website healthy
  • Scan site for broken or poorly optimized images to improve optimization
  • Recommendations to improve webpage’s response time (desktop and mobile)
  • Track number of pages in Google’s Index over time
  • Social media activity for your law firm and compare to competitors
  • Landing page optimization tool gives recommendations for keyword targets
  • Internal links optimization tool to improve content relevance and architecture
  • A technical audit tool for site health, usability, and indexing
  • and more!

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