YOU WON'T SEE this book featured on the New York Times bestseller lists or probably even at your local library. But if you're looking to revolutionize your law practice and dominate your competition, this just might be the most important book you read this year.

There's no question that it's tougher than ever to market your law firm. Gone are the days when you could just hang your shingle, place a small ad in the local Yellow Pages, do a good job with your clients, and expect to run a highly successful practice.

Nowadays, to effectively market your practice you have to be using the Internet. You've got to have a dynamic website that draws tons of prospects, but more importantly, you've got to have a website that converts those prospects into clients. Plus, you've got to be able to incorporate social media into your strategy and tactics and also understand the keys to leveraging the power of online video.

But while it's true that it's tougher than ever to market your practice these days, there are tremendous opportunities ready for lawyers who take the initiative to learn the secrets. In this fast-paced and easy-to-follow book, Tom Foster (whose company hosts over 200 of the most successful law firm websites in the world) reveals what every attorney needs to know about online marketing, including:

  • How real-world attorneys are creating effective online video that is exploding their practices without breaking the bank
  • The one tactic that is still the absolute best way to go to get high search engine ratings
  • The seven critical mistakes that will sink your website and ruin your online strategy (and how to avoid them)
  • The specific technique that is helping lawyers convert a whole lot more website visitors into clients
  • Insider tips on differentiating your website and your practice from your competitors—including one tip so powerful it will position you as a recognized and trusted expert in your community
  • How social marketing has revolutionized law firm marketing and what you need to do to make it part of your online strategy without it taking over your life
  • And much more!

Here's the thing: These days, lawyers can't just rely on calls from their Yellow Pages ads, TV commercials, or referrals to get new cases. The Yellow Pages are going the way of the dinosaur. Television viewers channel-surf or skip over commercials by using their DVRs. Competition for referrals has never been fiercer.

It's a wonder any law firms using stale marketing tools  are surviving at all. While some of these methods do occasionally cause the telephone to ring, there is a much better way:

Law Firm Internet Marketing.

Make it part of your strategy to build a successful, thriving law practice that funds the type of lifestyle you've always wanted. Don't sit on the sidelines while opportunity slips away, or while your competitors take advantage of you.

Your A-Z guide is just a few clicks away. Download the liveliest book from Foster Web Marketing, Explode Your Practice Through Internet Marketing: A How-to Guide for Attorneys today to learn about the BETTER way.

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