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Do You Want to BOOST Your Practice Profitability Dramatically (and while you’re at it, your personal wealth) Without Learning a Whole New Set of Skills, Giving Up Your Weekends and Personal Time, or Spending a Ton of Dough on Pay-Per-Click?

It CAN Be Done.

If you’re truly interested in transforming your practice into what you’ve always wanted it to be and what you unquestionably deserve, it's time to make the decision to get going. Decide Right Now to get some serious strategic consulting (that’s proven to work) from your friends and partners at FWM.

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Working with multi-million dollar law firms, small firms, solo firms, and attorneys practicing plaintiff personal injury, estate planning, criminal defense, DUI, and business litigation (really, every shape, size, and type of law practice that’s existed over the past 20 years) has given us some incredible insight into the unique, complicated, and challenging nature of marketing a law practice just like yours.

But whenever we think we've seen it all, we get another unique challenge from a successful attorney or a law firm that just gets stuck in the mud and needs to get some traction to climb out of the muck.

We know, we matter how successful you become, the overhead continues to grow, the staff and client issues never cease, and at the end of the day, you want, need, and deserve to take home more profit—but it just gets harder and harder.

Every day, we talk to big firms with multiple offices in giant cities and solo practitioners in tiny markets; they all have unique challenges and issues.

The fact is that size doesn't matter; every law practice of any size has its marketing and management challenges.

The challenges are all different and usually more complex than even the attorney knows or can understand. It's not your fault; you didn't go to marketing school or earn a J.D. in SEO or an LL.M. in “pay-per-click”—you went to LAW SCHOOL to be a lawyer (one would assume).

I know you're already a successful lawyer or you wouldn't have found us.

And you were most likely referred to us because the best attorneys end up here, and they stay.

I've been an advocate of better lawyer marketing education and training for a long, long time.

Sadly, it isn’t until lawyers get seduced by some cheap knock-off, or worse, an expensive "Ponzi scheme web style scam" that they come to us, committed to getting some real strategies for executing the best and most effective marketing plan possible.

But that’s on ME! I know how much it sucks to get ripped off, and I obviously haven't done enough conferences, boot camps, content, videos, and webinars to prevent those seductions or show those lawyers the real value of what is within their control.

It pisses me off, and I’m mad at myself for letting it happen.

So, here I am, reaching out to you now because I want to show you what you can accomplish: teach you how to boost your profits and margins, work with the people you want, cull the chaos in your marketing, and get back your practice and the life you’ve been working to build for so many years.

All of this can be done. We help firms make it happen...

ALL. The. Time.

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Get Personalized One-on-One Strategy Sessions and an Actionable Marketing Plan!

And, it’s at no risk to you. See for yourself—see if you think we are B.S. like most of the other web companies that cater to lawyers. Check our references. Do your due diligence. We’re pretty sure you’re going to be so blown away by what you read that you’re going to want some of this too. Then, you're going to want to stay with us to keep getting results!

It’s easy to get started on this journey with us.

SIMPLY REGISTER for a Qualifying Strategy Session with our marketing experts to see what our services team would do to improve your business determine if we are the right fit for each other.

So, NO strings attached to this first call. But why would we do that?

Well, here are FIVE simple reasons:

  1. We genuinely want to help lawyers. We are huge supporters and advocates of the legal profession.
  2. We want to be the trusted source you turn to for important marketing advice and services and being generous with our time helps.
  3. This one's less selfless: we want to show off our experience and knowledge, so when you need more and better services that produce more and better results, you hire us and stay with us.  
  4. We don't want you to be seduced by some fly-by-night SEO harlot with gaudy flowers and a box of dark chocolates (or a tango dancing trollop in bright red lipstick...depending on your personal taste). Perhaps we’re taking that metaphor too far, but you get the picture.
  5. We like to win. When we empower you to succeed and dominate your market using our tools and strategies, it makes FWM look good too. We only want to work with firms that have a burning desire to win and dominate. We want firms that are smart marketers—or aspire to be—and have what it takes. That's who we work with.

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Does that sound good to you? It worked for Attorney Mike Cardoza.

Attorney Mike Cardoza

“Digital marketing started out as something I read about. Then, it was something I did. Now, it’s something I know.”

—Mike Cardoza

If you agree with our guiding principles, register below to meet with our team. We will provide you with:

  • A review of your website architecture with recommendations for fixing structural issues
  • A review of your site speed and mobile friendliness with instructions to resolve problems
  • A look at your current local profile, with guidance on listing accuracy, missing profiles, and how you rank compared to the industry average
  • Recommendations for improving user experience and providing conversion-focused landing pages
  • Reputation management and instruction on how to create and manage an authentic client review process to improve engagement with your local audience
  • A content optimization review

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