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Video Is ONE of the BIG Secrets to Converting More of the Kinds of Clients and Cases You Want  

Attorney Web Video ProductionLet’s talk about trust. Whether you’re a podiatrist or a lawyer, trust is the one critical element in your field that can’t be ignored, and you CAN begin to garner trust before you even meet with a potential client or patient. Video is the best way to present yourself to prospects and give them a sense of what it’s like to work with you. Answering their questions, providing testimonials, and sharing case stories using video helps to strike an emotional chord and effectively deliver your message.

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Your prospects are searching for answers on the web—give them what they’re looking for…

They want you to answer their frequently asked questions, explain things they may not understand, discuss important topics, and provide examples of cases you’ve handled.

DO IT WITH VIDEO. Video, simply put, is great content.

Educational videos, together with my informative website have caused my phone to ring. In fact, they generate half of all the calls to my office... Lawyers who fail to create useful videos lose the opportunity to connect with their website visitors and distinguish themselves from all the other lawyers out there competing for the same business. Those lawyers lose the advantage of letting a viewer get to know them and trust them before they ever walk into their office.

The Benefits of Video Marketing Are Huge

  • Attracts the attention of search engines AND YouTube
  • Answers detailed questions your clients have and are actively searching for
  • Builds trust with your prospective clients before they even meet you
  • Adds authenticity to your story
  • Positions you as an expert
  • Creates the impression that you’re a celebrity
  • Conveys emotion that’s unmatched by written content
  • Allows you to connect with large audiences
  • Increases the likelihood that the press will contact you for professional opinions
  • Saves you time because you can repurpose videos into other content

Foster Web Marketing offers video marketing strategies and services that can have an incredible impact on your website’s performance and can easily turn prospects into clients or patients. Best of all, our video packages are tailored to fit your needs.

It's an Easy Decision

  • It's already proven that video will attract and convert more of your perfect clients or patients.
  • Our team will assist you with every step of the video, from the initial concept, script help, all the way to publishing on the web or TV.
  • We use our custom-built green screen studio to shoot video in high definition, with bright, even lighting so your videos look crisp and professional.
  • Our digital artists have the tools to superimpose the background and images you want in the video, which makes for compelling and interesting video marketing.
  • Each video produced by Foster Web Marketing is edited and optimized to attract web visitors and improve your internet marketing.

(We know not everyone is comfortable doing video, and that’s okay. We have lots of solutions, so let’s talk about it!)

Emmy-Award Winning Video Production, Any Way You Want it!

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality videos, and we offer a number of ways to get there. Video is proven to convert visitors into leads, so stop wasting time and start taking advantage of our awesome video package options! Scroll down or click the links below to learn more about:

  1. Green-Screen Videos Here in Our Studio
  2. On-Location Shoots at Your Office
  3. Spokesmodel Videos
  4. Promotional Videos

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Green-Screen Videos Here in Our Studio video camera

Your website needs to provide users with a great first impression, and what better way to do that than to welcome them? In our huge, in-house green screen studio, we can record video of you or a spokesmodel to welcome users to your site, answer frequently asked questions, or describe your services. We regularly have clients tell us, "I feel like I already know you!" because of our videos! Our green screen allows us to creatively edit your videos to integrate with your website design. If your site design changes down the road, we can update the video design while using the original recording.
$3,000 Green Screen Package Includes 10 individual videos focused on topics TBD. Need only a few green screen videos? Check out our a la carte option below. Additional fees apply to hire spokesmodel. Purchase Green Screen Video Package

On-Location Shoots at Your Office office

On-location shoots are by far the best way to get your audience comfortable with you and your office. Clients want a real sense of what it's like to work with you; by shooting video on-location, they get an authentic look at the environment in which you work, as well a sense of the culture in your office. On-location shoots are a great way to give prospective clients a look at the day-to-day of your organization, which puts people at ease. It also a great way to get compelling testimonial videos from real clients. Interested in shooting your own videos? While we're on site we can help you set up your very own green screen studio, train you to use it correctly, shoot, edit, and produce your videos! That way you can create videos whenever you want—even on a smaller budget. Breaking news moves quickly, and so should you. This works great for breaking news videos about hot topics relevant to your practice, as well as for shooting quick testimonial videos before clients leave your office.
Base pricing begins at:
  • $3,000 on-location fee
  • $3,000 package for 10 videos
  • TBD travel fees for video crew

Ask about setting up your own green screen studio while we are on site. We will train you to use it correctly, shoot, edit, and produce your own videos!

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Voiceover Videos with Text, Images, and Your Voice microphone

Do you want low cost, high quality video on the fly? Voiceover is an excellent way to make a positive impact with minimal effort on your part. By taking high quality images relevant to your video content and recording a scripted voice over, you can create a powerful video, quickly. For the most minimal effort, you can hire a spokesmodel to record the voice for you. This is a great way to take advantage of breaking-news stories and appeal to those who are visual learners.
$3,000 Voiceover Video Package Includes 10 videos on topics TBD. Need only a few voiceover videos? Check out our a la carte options below. Additional fees apply to hire spokesmodel. Purchase Voice Over Video Package

Commercials t.v. monitor

How can you reach a wide, even national audience to promote your law firm in a meaningful way? Commercials have long reigned as one of the most powerful tools for brand awareness. Why are they so effective? Because they're short! In an age where people lose interest fast, it's your chance at a quick, visual elevator pitch of your business. When done correctly, commercials are compelling enough to get viewers to contact you even long after they've seen them. There's a reason commercials are such a highlight of the Super Bowl – they can be entertaining or emotional, and either way, they leave the viewer with a strong impression of your brand. Today, commercials aren't just for TV, and you can widen your reach like never before on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
Custom Commercials ($1,500 - $15,000) Commercials range in complexity, from quick voiceovers to large productions involving extras and space rentals. We will work with you to determine and plan the best type of commercial for your firm, and a strategy to ensure its success. Since a large part of having a successful commercial is the timing in which it’s aired, you must also consider the media buying component of commercial planning which ranges in cost as well. Purchase Commercial Video Package

Custom Videos

Have a breaking news piece, special announcement, or new topic you'd like to discuss in one or two videos? You can purchase custom voiceover or green screen videos starting at $350/video.

Please note, it's important to know what you really need before you decide on the video package that's right for you. We want you to get real value out of your video shoot, so we will work with you to provide a video analysis; this will tell us which video types your ideal clients are looking for so we can provide the most effective package. The costs indicated here are subject to change depending on your needs, but factor in custom video design and fully-produced videos that are optimized and loaded to your website (FWM clients) or to YouTube (non-FWM clients).

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Here Are a Few Different Video Options to Consider...

Bio Videos for You and Your Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Testimonial Videos

Why To Buy Video

Office Tours

Commercials for Web or Television

Show-Style Interview with Host

Breaking News

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