There are lots of ways for attorneys, podiatrists, and other service-oriented businesses to achieve success online. The core products we offer for our digital marketing clients include conversion-focused websites, marketing software, and marketing services so we can provide exactly the right mix for each unique business.

Typically, our expert marketing software and marketing services are only available to people with an active Foster Web Marketing website. However, we’ve now developed some products and packages that are available to anyone, anywhere—no Foster Web Marketing website required.

If you want to fill the gaps in your current marketing strategy, or if you just want to pick and choose your way to marketing success, FWM has you covered. Check out the different types of services we provide below to find the best fit for your strategy!

À La Carte Marketing Packages for Success

Our à la carte marketing packages are available to anyone, even if you are partnered with another website provider or haven’t worked with FWM before. These marketing solutions are designed to supplement your current website and strategy, making you more effective at drawing in the cases, clients, patients, and business you want most!

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Practice Expansion Campaigns

Want to expand into a new practice area or strengthen an existing one? Our Practice Expansion Campaigns are designed to help build out one or more practice areas to increase those cases, clients, or customers. These are hyper-focused campaigns that deliver serious results for the area of practice you choose. We recommend a Practice Expansion Campaign for anyone moving into a new service or practice area, moving toward a niche practice, or just not getting enough of the business they really WANT. Learn more here.


Books, Whitepapers, and Free Offers

Having a book or offer on your website is an excellent way to collect qualified leads who need your guidance. Our team of expert content writers works only with attorneys and podiatrists, so they are well versed in the needs of your industry, and they know how to communicate with your ideal audience. Learn about our Offer Packages here.


Email Drip Campaigns

Your marketing is only as strong as your follow-up strategy! An email drip campaign from Foster Web Marketing gives you a series of engaging, relevant emails that ensure your leads remember you when it matters most. Learn about our different Email Drip Campaigns here.


In-Office Trainings

Get one-on-one in-person help from our team of marketing experts with a full day of in-office training! Join us in our Fairfax, VA office (just 20 minutes from Washington, D.C.!) to not only get training and guidance but also start getting to work and putting the pieces in place! While conferences are great learning opportunities, you still need to figure out the details when you return home—with our in-office trainings, we’ll actually lay the foundation with you, so there’s no pile of “great ideas that never came to fruition.” Check out our In-Office Training Program here.


Custom Referral Pages

A custom referral page gives your referral sources a faster way to send you qualified leads, whether those referrals come from past clients or other attorneys. Some of the best “perfect clients” for many law firms come through referrals, and it doesn’t hurt that referred clients are predisposed to trust you and are more likely to sign a fee agreement without hesitation! Find out how to get a custom referral page for your website here.


Video Packages

Video is the best way to present yourself to a potential client and give them a sense of what it’s like to work with you. We offer video marketing strategies and services that can have an incredible impact on your website’s performance and can easily turn prospects into clients! Get more info about our Video Packages here.


Websites & Software

Ready to take this relationship to the next level?

A Foster Web Marketing website, powered by our all-in-one marketing software solution, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS), is designed—from the bottom up—to attract, convert, and retain your ideal clients or patients.

All of our websites are completely custom built for your needs, your market, your goals, and your budget. With that in mind, we try to work within four design “categories” to keep you on track and on budget. All of our basic design packages include:

  • A device-responsive, and conversion-focused, mobile-friendly website that’s customized for your practice.
  • Your choice of any of our basic design options.
  • A dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable project manager to guide you through your entire build process.
  • Complete connectivity to our software system, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) so that you and your team can easily update and manage your website and overall website presence.

Beyond this, you have tons of options to customize and upgrade. Interested in learning more about our websites and design process? Let’s start a conversation!

All our sites are built on our proprietary, powerful, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) platform, which we designed for lawyers and podiatrists who want to outshine their competitors without having to operate out of multiple software systems. DSS even automatically connects your related website content together, providing an optimal user experience for your visitors and better search engine optimization (SEO) without any additional coding or effort on your part.

We are passionate believers in the idea that effective marketing is about more than a pretty website, and we also believe that marketing works best when managed from one platform—not-duct taped together.

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Marketing Services Plans

This relationship is getting serious!

From coaching to content to SEO, our Marketing Services team can design and execute a plan for getting more of the cases, clients, and business you actually want. Most marketing companies focus on traffic—but traffic means nothing if it’s not turning into business! Instead, we focus on your overall business health and the long-term generation of better cases and clients for your practice.

We limit Marketing Services Plans to FWM clients because we believe in doing things the right way, without taking shortcuts, and we think that a website and strategy backed by DSS is the best foundation for success. We sincerely believe we can’t do as good a job for you on another platform or generic marketing software, and we won’t risk our reputation just for the sake of it.

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