Video is often the first touchpoint many prospective clients have with brands today. The influx of social media and digital video in the 21st Century has forever changed how business owners communicate with their audiences. This, of course, leads to problems with people diving in and making mistakes in their video marketing strategy. Luckily, Foster Web Marketing is a pioneer in the legal video marketing space, and we've seen it all!

Do any of these sound familiar?foster web marketing video production

  • You think making a video is a one-time event
  • Your videos just talk about you
  • You don't have videos on your website
  • You've been told your videos are used to lull children to sleep

If that describes the way your website uses promotional video today, then you're making just a couple of the classic blunders that can torpedo your web marketing efforts. You are definitely not alone.

We want you to learn from the mistakes that countless other lawyers have made in video marketing so that you can succeed where they have failed. In The 8 Biggest Mistakes That Lawyers Make With Video, you will learn not only what to avoid but also what you can do right now to get video to finally start working for your firm, whether that is on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform out today or coming out tomorrow.

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