"In both your business and mine we have several things in common. First, we fix or try to fix other folk's problems. Second, when we can't or can't as fast as the person wants we often hear about it. People complain often and many do loudly. Today I write to let you know how great your team has been to my firm. Karen and Gretchen are simply amazing. They are real customer service folks, know their business and do a great job in teaching me and helping with everything about the website. They are super responsive when we have issues and are always there to fix and teach. If they lived here, I'd hire them away from you. I have had some real bad luck with a current CRM I am using. I am switching from it to your product and am very impressed so far. In addition to the CRM I must say the renewed effort on your part to really put customer service at the head of the line has not gone unnoticed by me. Often times we only hear from folks who are mad, upset or frustrated. I wanted to take a minute and write you to simply give your entire team a pat on the back and let you know what great folks you have working for you. Keep up the great work and the great team you have! Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Sincerely, Stephen Hamilton"

Stephen Hamilton