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  • "Within a couple months of getting an FWM site, it already paid for itself many times over."

    When going solo as an attorney, Kenny Berger knew that in order to grow his business, he had to invest in a Foster Web Marketing website before he could afford it. He happily shares why it's worth the investment: “I signed up with you guys before I could afford it because I knew I couldn’t afford not to and that’s not a cliché thing, it’s the truth. We knew that if we invested on the front end, the same thing we do with our hiring, always investing in hiring to grow, to get us there faster. In fact, within a couple months of getting an FWM site, it already paid for itself many times over.”

    Kenny Berger
  • "I wouldn't be the lawyer I am today without the help and support of the Foster team!"

    "Thank you for such a great long-term relationship and the corresponding success in our partnership. I wouldn't be the lawyer I am today without the help and support of the Foster team!"

    Bill Voss
  • "You guys exceeded my expectations! This was exactly what I wanted."

    "I am completely blown away! I am uncertain how much of my enthusiasm is due to good old-fashioned vanity but this website is awesome. Hell, I might hire myself! You guys exceeded my expectations! This was exactly what I wanted.  I realize how much work still needs to be done. If nothing else, I know I can outwork everyone else. You would be foolish not to use the team at FWM!"

    Lucas Foust
  • Hands down the BEST web company for my legal website.

    "Hands down the BEST web company for my legal website. I was with two other companies before discovering Tom Foster Web Marketing. This is the only web company that does it all from custom in-house made videos, to hold monthly webinars to make you better at what you do on the web to market your presence and services. I continually recommend them to others!"

    Mark Blane
  • “You took us from basically almost on the verge of bankruptcy to being a rock star…”

    When you’re a rock star, being at the top of the music charts is a key indicator of your success. Law firms are no different. An effective and informative website will rank highly on search engine results when potential clients turn to the Internet for answers to their questions. High rankings then lead to an increase in both the quantity and quality of the clients for the firm. Bill Turley of the Turley Law Firm knows this firsthand. Not too long ago, he and his firm were struggling. He was facing a possible bankruptcy if things did not turn around. That is when he decided to call Foster Web Marketing for guidance. Shortly thereafter, Bill saw a dramatic change in the overall success of his firm. Suddenly, he went from struggling to survive, to succeeding beyond every expectation. Bill makes no secret as to whom he credits with this amazing success story. He thanks Tom Foster and the Foster Web Marketing team profusely for building an engaging website for his law firm, and for giving him all of the skills necessary to have an effective online marketing presence. Bill and his entire family are grateful for their long sought-after success. If your firm is struggling or underperforming, Foster Web Marketing can help you in the same way that it helped Bill Turley. Is your website the reason that you are not meeting your potential? Call us at 888-886-0939 and we can give you the guidance you need.

    Bill Turley
  • "There wasn’t anyone who understood what we needed, and had the ability to do what we needed like they do here at Foster Web Marketing"

    When it comes to making a strong first impression, Oklahoma attorney Scott Ray understands the importance of video marketing, "If your videos aren't what you want," he says, "if they don't convey the message that you want to convey, they're not doing you any good." The Search for the Right Legal Video Marketing Firm Scott searched high and low trying to find a company to produce videos to his satisfaction. Some companies were not set up to deliver the quality of videos he needed. Others simply would not listen to his vision and give him the videos he wanted to use in his practice. Then, he discovered Foster Web Marketing—the only company that would give him high-quality videos done his way. "There wasn't anyone who understood what we needed," he tells us, "and had the ability to do what we needed like they do here at Foster Web Marketing." His experience, the quality of the work and the chance to maintain control of his own marketing message is what drives him to recommend Foster Web Marketing to other law firms. "That's the mark of someone you want to work with and that's Foster Web Marketing," he declares. Ready to use video in your legal marketing? Contact us to learn how we can turn your vision into a reality.

    Scott Ray
  • "DSS is phenomenal. It gives you the opportunity to add your own material at 3 am if you can’t sleep."

    If you’re like Virginia tax and business attorney, Elden Sodowsky, you love having the ability to update your website when and where you choose. You want to post information in a timely manner, offering your clients the maximum value. For attorneys like you, the Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS) system is the perfect solution. In Elden Sodowsky’s words, “DSS is phenomenal.” Beyond that, the team behind DSS and Foster Web Marketing deliver high quality work and a wealth of marketing information, offering easy and effective ways to build your law firm. “I picked Foster Web Marketing to do my website because I had seen several of the sites that they had done, particularly for Ben Glass and for a couple of other attorneys. I looked at their site. I talked with their folks. I was impressed with the quality of work, the marketing information hey had on there, and how they were able to work with people to get sites up and running. The DSS is phenomenal. It gives you the opportunity to add your own material at 3 am if you can’t sleep.” If you want effective marketing solutions by people who know their stuff using a solution built specifically with your flexibility in mind, call us today. With your Foster Web Marketing consultation, you’ll discover how we can help you generate leads at all hours of the day!

    Elden Sodowsky
  • Oklahoma Attorney Lee Berlin was running a successful criminal law practice, but he wasn’t happy with his website performance. Then he made the switch to Foster Web Marketing, and his business took off.

    Oklahoma Attorney Lee Berlin was running a successful criminal law practice, but he wasn't happy with his website performance. He took the first step and joined Great Legal Marketing, and then he started talking to Tom about his website. "And, I sat down and met with Tom for quite awhile, as he explained the process, the build out, the work out, and how I didn't have anything to be worried about. Other than how many people I'd have to hire for all of the business I was gonna get.  And, let me tell you, I went from being a guy who was a little unhappy with his practice to being phenomenally excited about tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Working with Tom is awesome. If you can get it to a level where he's kind of coaching you along, and you've got the entire Foster Web Marketing team going for you, seven figures is your next stop."

    Lee Berlin
  • "We are very happy with where we are and where we’re headed."

    “I have been very pleased with the overall performance of my website and the Customer Service team. I just added two offices to my practice, so I’ve been following your advice and pushing reviews to those local areas!  I also appreciate the perfect client exercise. People really connect with the fact that I am a former state trooper—it is simultaneously a trust thing, an affiliation thing, and an insider info thing. We decided to highlight this on the site when we went through the perfect client exercise, and it’s been really beneficial.  I’ve really been incentivized to get motivated in marketing. I am using DSS to manage the marketing, and we’re adding about three blogs a week. We’re on track to hire an in-house marketing manager. I use case intake as a gauge to see how our marketing is working, and so far it’s been great. We are very happy with where we are and where we’re headed. Everyone at FWM is very helpful and knowledgeable.” 

    Coy Browning

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