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  • "A few years ago, I was just sitting there looking at the phone saying, 'ring!' Nothing was happening. Just by following Tom’s advice of adding content…I’m now at a point of getting 3-4 leads per week."

    Can you imagine anything more discouraging than waiting for your phone to ring, knowing that your law firm is at the brink of failure? That was the crisis moment for New York lawyer, Jonathan Cooper. He was nearing the end of his rope when he started following some of Tom Foster’s advice for growing his law firm. The Success Formula for Growing Your Practice What’s the one thing that brought Jonathan Cooper out of the brink of disaster? “Content is king,” he says. When he started adding content consistently to his website, targeting niche practice areas, he started seeing a surge of desirable clients calling his firm. The key solution that Jonathan Cooper found to make adding content on a regular basis simple was DSS, the Dynamic Self-Syndication system offered by Foster Web Marketing. “I couldn’t recommend it more highly,” Jonathan says. It was through following Tom Foster’s advice, and implementing a strategic, easy-to-manage content solution in his law firm that Jonathan Cooper saw his leads triple. Now, he gets 3 to 4 high-quality leads from his website calling his law firm every week. Looking for the same influx of clients? Contact us to find out how we can help meet your goals.  

    Jonathan Cooper
  • "We would rather provide information to our clients than just provide a bigger ad, and Foster was a way we recognized could help us do that."

    There’s a distinct shift taking place in legal marketing these days. Your clients now actively seek out valuable information from the lawyers they work with, while avoiding the large ads splattered across phone book covers, billboards, and television screens. One Missouri personal injury law firm made the change to a more value based approach to marketing their legal practice, and has not looked back since. “We looked around at the various marketing companies that were available and we saw that Foster was providing something that other companies weren’t providing. They’re providing a way for us to communicate information to our clients. We were tired of the ‘Hey, if we have a bigger ad, we must be better lawyers!’ We would rather provide information to our clients than just provide a bigger ad and Foster was a way we recognized could help us do that.” Another factor that drew the lawyers at Price & Randle in to Foster Web Marketing was how easy it is to update their website with new information. With the DSS, Dynamic Self Syndication system, they are able to quickly add information, make updates, and keep their clients informed on the latest happenings in Missouri law. “The DSS system was something that looked like we could interact with our website on a daily basis, and not need a lot of computer knowledge to do it. That’ll allow us to blog better, put on our own videos easier, and do all of the things we’ve always wanted to be able to do on our website but not been able to do.” Looking for an easier way to get information to your clients? Call us today for a consultation and get started providing a better service to the people who need you.  

    Matthew Price
  • "Foster Web Marketing is personally interested in my success and why wouldn’t I go with someone who’s interested in seeing me succeed?"

    Hiring a team to help you market your law firm is a big decision. You need a team who takes your practice’s success as seriously as you do. That’s exactly what Tim Miley found in Foster Web Marketing. Your Success Comes First With FWM Tim touts the FWM level of expertise: "Foster Web Marketing realizes everything that a lawyer needs to do to market themselves and their firm on a website." But expertise without commitment isn't enough. Tim also points out that most marketing companies are only interested in creating basic websites and leaving it at that. The problem is, that won't help your practice grow,and will not bring you the clients you need to thrive. Foster Web Marketing is dedicated to the long-term success of your law firm. Through innovative marketing strategies, building websites that attract and retain the best clients for your practice, and hard work, you too can take your practice to a new level. Ready to work with a team who wants to see you succeed? Call FWM today to learn how we can help boost your legal practice online.

    Tim Miley
  • "Foster has really figured out that there’s no easy silver bullet for getting cases off the web. It’s really a matter of doing quality content and frequency of adding new material."

    David Todd of the Todd Law Firm has experienced first-hand the best way to reach potential new clients using his website and the expertise of Foster Web Marketing. David first reached out to Foster Web Marketing after growing frustrated in his attempts to find a trustworthy marketing company for his law firm. He needed a team that could integrate all the modes of client communication he wished to use. For many, it seemed that combining video with informative web content was a challenge. The Foster Web Marketing Difference David found every resource he was looking for to market his law firm with Foster Web Marketing. Above all, David happily discovered that the FWM team isn't afraid of hard work. "Foster has really figured out that there's no easy silver bullets for getting cases off the web," he says. "It's really a matter of doing quality content and frequency of adding new material." David is confident in his web presence because Foster Web Marketing is on the cutting-edge of web video, social media, and other marketing tools. Your law firm can benefit from these same resources! Call us today at 1.888.886.0939 to find out how.  

    David Todd
  • "Over time I’ve seen my rankings go up for the vanity keywords, but I’ve also seen my overall traffic increase."

    If you’re like Shane Smith, a Peachtree City personal injury attorney, you went to law school to practice law—not spend your time marketing your firm. Shane Smith’s struggle to balance the two is what led him to Foster Web Marketing. More Law. Less Marketing. Now, as a premium client, he is relieved to have some of the marketing burden off his shoulders. Through the help he gets from Foster Web Marketing, his law firm has seen increased traffic, higher rankings in search engine results, and more backlinks to his site. “For a long time, I was very busy in my practice and I would get distracted doing the legal stuff. And I didn’t have time. I’d been to the seminars and they talked about add content, add content, add content – or even more difficult, go find some links! If you’re like me, I liked to concentrate on the law part. I had good intentions in the very beginning. I would write a bunch of content. I did that for about four days, and after that I quit doing it! As a premium client, Foster Web handles a vast majority of the content. They add a lot every single month. They also work on getting links, which I’ve found that unless it’s just go buy a link it’s almost impossible for me, unless it’s just a link back from Facebook to my page. So they get those more difficult links. Over time I’ve seen my rankings go up for the vanity keywords, but I’ve also seen my overall traffic increase.” Concierge Level Service The help Shane Smith gets from Foster Web Marketing goes beyond basic content creation and SEO services. Shane Smith also appreciates how accessible and responsive Tom Foster and his team are when he needs them. “Additionally, Tom has been great to work with. I can shoot him or Connie an email and they’re usually quick to respond, or help me with the very specific issues that I have. So overall it’s been very good for me and for my firm. “ Want to see how your law firm will benefit from being a premium Foster Web Marketing customer? Call us today for a consultation, and we’ll set you on the right path for success.  

    Shane Smith
  • "This website generates a lot of telephone and email traffic for me – very high quality clients, and the kind of cases that I’m looking for."

    Like many lawyers, Colorado veterans’ benefits attorney, Sean Kendall aims to get more high-quality clients calling, emailing, and walking through his door. He’s found the secret to making this happen in his practice with a website from Foster Web Marketing. Great Customer Service, and Amazing Results After launching his new website, Sean Kendall immediately saw an influx in new cases landing on his desk. He was amazed not only by the influx of quality traffic, but also the level of service he received from the team at Foster Web Marketing who helped him achieve greater success online. “I have to say, this website generates a lot of telephone and email traffic for me – very high quality clients, and the kind of cases that I’m looking for. The staff at Foster is very easy to work with. Their website is easy to use. I can constantly update it, put out news to my clients, update my blog very quickly, and post photos. It’s just a great all around experience with Foster.” Does your law firm want to see higher quality cases coming through your door as a result of your marketing efforts? If so, we can help. Call us for your consultation and learn how to get started right away.  

    Sean Kendall
  • "I got a good explanation on how to optimize your website not only for the search engines, but also how important video is."

    Mark Blane, San Diego personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Blane, loves his practice. He enjoys being hands on with all facets of the firm, from representing clients to marketing his office. When Mark Blane heard about Foster Web Marketing, he was immediately taken aback by how helpful the team was. He learned a hands on approach to optimizing his website for search engines and for his visitors. He also discovered the power of using video to promote his law firm. Now, Mark runs a thriving law practice much in part due to his optimized website and online presence. “What attracted me to Foster Web Marketing was the fact that it was the first place that I got a good explanation on how to optimize your website for not only the search engines, but also how important video is, and how important it is for you as the end user to actually update your own website. I thought that was really unique. I’m more of a hands on kind of guy anyway, so when I found that out, it really led me to getting more information about Foster Web Marketing and I’m proud to be here now!” If you’d like to learn how to empower yourself and your team to optimize your business, contact us today! We’ll teach you how to create an online presence that draws in your target audience by using the latest Internet marketing tools and strategies for lawyers.

    Mark Blane
  • "I think video is more powerful than just a written word on a screen, which is what most websites are. You go to a website, there are a lot of words and a lot of language. With video, my potential client can actually see me, can hear me, and can already start the process of bonding with me…"

    When Miami attorney, J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo first heard about Foster Web Marketing, he was at a seminar in Orlando, Florida. At that seminar he heard from both Ben Glass and Tom Foster about the importance of online marketing. After doing some research, he decided to upgrade his website through Foster Web Marketing and he hasn’t looked back since! Forming Relationships With Clients Using Video One of the biggest strategies J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo has used to form stronger, better relationships with his potential clients is video. Through video, he knows that he can give website visitors a deeper glimpse into who he is and what he has to offer, differentiating himself from other lawyers in Miami. “I think video is more powerful than just a written word on a screen, which is what most websites are. You go to a website, there are a lot of words and a lot of language. With video, my potential client can actually see me, can hear me, and can already start the process of bonding with me, understanding who I am and where I’m coming from, and maybe that’ll make the process smoother for the potential relationship.” Interested in how you can use video to strengthen your online marketing? Give us a call or schedule your consultation and learn more.

    J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
  • "Do you know Tom Foster? Of course I know Tom Foster! He’s the man!"

    If you think the Maryland injury lawyers at Clark & Steinhorn are paying Foster Web Marketing, forget about it! Even though they think Tom Foster is “the man” neither attorney pays the bill to keep their marketing lights on. It doesn’t matter if their website gets fantastic results. They don’t care if the online marketing they get from Foster Web Marketing has skyrocketed their growth. When it comes to paying the bill, this Long Island and Jersey duo says “forget about it!” “Bob: Hi, I’m Bob. Allen: Hi I’m Allen. Bob: Yeah. We’re friends. Allen: I’m from Long Island. Bob: He’s from Long Island. I’m not from Long Island. I’m from Jersey! And we love Tom Foster at Foster Web Marketing. Allen: We love Tom Foster! Bob: He’s the best! He’s the best! Allen: Forget about it. Come on! Bob: I was walking down the street, I was in Ashbury Park actually. Was it Seaside Park or Ashbury Park? You know, John Peterson’s the man. Anyway, one of them was there and he said to me, “Do you know Tom Foster?” and of course I know Tom Foster! Allen: Yeah, he’s the man! Bob: He’s the man! And I go, “Omigod the guy’s in this place? Forget about it! Allen: Forget about it! Bob: Yeah, forget about it! And my law firm forgets about it too. We’re not paying him no more. I’m not paying him. Are you paying him? Allen: No, I’m not paying him. Bob: Right.” Jokes aside, if your law firm wants to have as much fun with marketing as Robert Clark and Allen Steinhorn and see big time results, call us today!  

    Robert Clark and Allen Steinhorn

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